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The complete tales & poems of Winnie-the-Pooh —Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956, author.

This special volume brings together all of the Pooh stories and all of the poems in one full-color, large-format book with complete and unabridged text and illustrations.

I am not a dog toy —Berlin, Ethan T., author.

"A stuffed bear looking for a best friend believes he is meant to be a child's toy, but true friendship comes to him from a place he least expects"-- Provided by publisher.

Corduroy takes a bow —Davis, Viola, 1965- author, narrator.
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When Lisa takes Corduroy to the theater for the first time, Corduroy heads out on his own to explore the whole building, including the dressing rooms, orchestra pit, and prop table.

Corduroy —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978, author.

A toy bear in a department store wants a number of things, but when a little girl finally buys him he finds what he has always wanted most of all.

Five teddy bears —Adeney, Anne.

Five teddy bears have fun outdoors.

The book of hugs —Harris, Tim, author.

Share some love and give a hug with Teddy Bear Tim. Inspired by Tim Harris's love for giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, this charming how-to guide gives readers so many reasons to ...

Otter : hello, sea friends! —Garton, Sam.

"Otter keeper is taking me and Teddy on a trip to visit sea friends! I am going to meet all the animals that live in the ocean. I wonder which one will be my favorite..."--Jacket flap.

Rainy days with bear —Hull, Maureen, 1949-

Day after day it rains and Writer is too busy to take a trip, so Bear uses his imagination to see the world.

Otter : oh no, bath time! —Garton, Sam.

After playing in the garden, muddy Otter and Teddy try to avoid bath time until they see fun bubbles and a duck in the tub.

Otter goes to school —Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.

When Otter starts a school, Teddy becomes sad because the other students are all good at something and it seems he is not.

The magic trick —Roth, Megan, author.

"With the help of Mr. Gruber and a new magic kit, Paddington becomes Paddington the Magnificent"-- back cover.

Corduroy's garden —Inches, Alison, author.

When the beans that Lisa has planted are dug up by a dog, Corduroy reseeds the garden that he was supposed to be watching, but he and Lisa are in for a surprise when the "beans" finally appear on the vines.

Corduroy goes to the beach —Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.)

Corduroy can't wait for his beach day to begin. With 35 colorful flaps to lift.

Bears and blossoms —Parenteau, Shirley, author.

When Big Brown Bear and the four little bears notice that the trees are shimmering in the wind with spring blooms, they know just how to spend the day: a picnic. The blustery weather is perfect for flying kites, and the ...

Corduroy's hike —Inches, Alison, author.

Corduroy sneaks into Lisa's backpack when she goes on a hiking trip and has quite an adventure when he gets lost along the trail.

The everywhere bear —Donaldson, Julia, author.

The Everywhere Bear has a home on a shelf. But he doesn't spend very much time by himself, For each boy and girl in the class is a friend. And he goes home with one of them every weekend. The Everywhere Bear has a wonder...

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