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64 Results
Otter : let's go swimming! —Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.

Otter is going to learn to swim at the beach--if she can get over her fear of the sea.

Bubbles ... up! —Davies, Jacqueline, 1962- author.

"A day at the community pool is full of unwater magic--dunking and diving with friends; somersaulting, walking on your hands, and bursting up through the surface like a tortoise. But when a thunderstorm comes and a littl...

Dino-swimming —Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author.

Plant-eating dinosaurs compete against meat-eating dinosaurs at a swimming meet.

Captain Awesome takes a dive —Kirby, Stan, author.

To finish summer swimming lessons, Eugene brings out his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome, to confront the "Blobby Blob-Blob" at the deep end of the pool.

Stink and the freaky frog freakout —McDonald, Megan.

After a close encounter with a mutant amphibian makes him freaky for frogs, water-shy Stink becomes a swimming success after being in the Polliwog swim class frog-ever.

Peppa va a nadar

Peppa and her friend Rebecca Rabbit help George overcome his fear of swimming.

Wild Kratts. The briny blue sea

It's time for a swim with the Wild Kratts! Join Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt as they take Jimmy to his own personal swimming tutor - a sea otter named Coach! Then, catch Chris and Martin in other exciting adventures wher...

Underwater doggies colors —Casteel, Seth, author.

Invites young readers to learn about colors, using simple, rhyming text and underwater photographs of various dogs swimming to fetch their favorite, colorful toys.

Froggy learns to swim —London, Jonathan, 1947-

Froggy is afraid of the water until his mother, along with his flippers, snorkle, and mask, help him learn to swim.

Flip turn —Polak, Monique.

Victoria is a hard-working member of a Montreal swim team who has been training six days a week for the past four years. That's what it takes to keep up with her teammate and rival, Svetlana. Most of the other swimmers a...

Can I tell you a secret? —Kang, Anna, 1972- author.

Monty the frog has a secret he wants share with you--he cannot swim!

Frog —Cooper, Susan, 1935-

A young boy learns how to swim by watching a small frog that makes its way into the family swimming pool.

Queen Victoria's bathing machine —Whelan, Gloria, author.

Inspired by a true story, when Queen Victoria is unable to go swimming without her subjects glimpsing her in a swimming suit, her husband, Prince Albert, comes up with an innovative solution so his wife can indulge in th...

Underwater dogs : kids edition —Casteel, Seth, author.

Photographs and simple, rhyming text reveal what goes on beneath the surface as various dogs swim to fetch their favorite toys. Includes facts about the different dog breeds depicted.

Puppy pool party! : an underwater dogs adventure —Casteel, Seth, author.

Photographs and simple, rhyming text reveal what goes on beneath the surface at the puppy pool party.

Drake makes a splash! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

When summer arrives on Nebulon, Zack discovers that his best friend, Drake, is afraid to learn to swim and decides to teach him before they go on a trip to water-covered planet Araxie.

Stranger online —Smith, Carol.

To save her reputation at school and keep her position on the swim team, Amber must uncover the identity of the mysterious stranger who has been sending threatening email messages to her website.

Shark Nate-O —Luebbe, Tara, author.

Nate, who loves sharks, cannot swim, but with his brother's prodding, a good coach, and a lot of determination he learns to swim like a shark. Includes facts about sharks.

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