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57 Results
The big book of Wonder Woman —Merberg, Julie, author.

"Wonder Woman has been the most popular female super hero for more than 75 years! Smart, powerful and kind, she is also an excellent role model for young girls. This book gives young fans (ages 4 and up) a detailed intro...

LEGO DC Comics super heroes : the awesome guide —Scott, Cavan, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Ever wondered where Superman™ got his powers, or how The Flash became so speedy? Or why Wonder Woman™ flies an Invisible Jet, and why Batman™ has so many cool vehicles? All the answers and more ca...

LEGO DC super heroes visual dictionary —Dowsett, Elizabeth, author.

"Meet the Super Heroes and their sidekicks, the super-villains and their henchmen, their alter egos, allies, and pets. Explore the secrets of the Batcave, Wonder Woman's speedy Invisible Jet, the crazy rides at Jokerland...

Supergirl is patient —Harbo, Christopher L., author.

Inspires readers to practice patience with examples from Supergirl like when she waits her turn and takes her time and when she lets her friend finish speaking before jumping in to share her opinions.

Spider-Man, Into the Spider-Verse : the official guide —Last, Shari, author.
Graphic Novel
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"There's a new Spider-Man on the block! Meet Miles Morales, a teenage Spider-Man with super powers as spectacular as his predecessor Peter Parker! Discover everything you ever wanted to know about his astonishing costume...

Wakanda forever! —March, Julia, author.

Exciting images, simple vocabulary, and a fun quiz will engage young Super Hero fans and help them build confidence in reading. Explore Black Panther's mighty Kingdom of Wakanda, the most advanced country on Earth! Meet ...

Black Panther rules! : discover what it takes to be a super hero —Wrecks, Billy, author.

Follow the Black Panther's challenges to become a warrior king and one of Earth's mightiest heroes. 'Black Panther Rules!' is an exciting, playful, fact-filled journey into the wondrous world of the Black Panther, showin...

Wonder Woman perseveres —Harbo, Christopher L., author.

"Wonder Woman shows grit, never giving up, even when the job gets tough. When the Amazon Princess is challenged by the villain Circe, she battles back until the threat is gone. If she takes a misstep, she simply dusts he...

LEGO DC comics super heroes handbook.

"Welcome to the world of LEGO DC Comics super heroes! From Batman to Superman, from Catwoman to Wonder Woman, from Bane to Lex Luthor--this official handbook is the perfect introduction to your favorite LEGO DC Universe ...

Spider-Man : swing into action! —Last, Shari, author.

Why did Spider-Man become a Super Hero? What are his webs made of and why are they so strong? How is he able to stick to walls? Marvel Spider-Man: Swing into Action! will answer these questions and many more in an engagi...

The official DC super hero cookbook —Mead, Matthew, author.

Presents more than sixty recipes inspired by the superheroes of DC Comics.

LEGO DC comics super heroes character encyclopedia —Hugo, Simon, author.

Presents the LEGO action figures based on the DC universe, describing each figure and vehicle, their variations, when they were made, and the playsets in which they appear.

Marvel We are super heroes —Grange, Emma, author.

DKs 'Marvel We Are Super Heroes' introduces children to cool, inspirational characters with different backgrounds and personalities, from Miles Morales to America Chavez. Children will learn more about their favourite he...

The league of super hero games : the greatest super hero games of all time —Albigés, Luke.

A comprehensive guide to the biggest and BEST superhero games on mobile and console.

Marvel —Keast, Jennifer H., author.

"Be a super hero by searching for hidden objects in eight action-packed Spider-man, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy scenes. When you're done saving the day, turn to the back of the book for even more look and find ...

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