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49 Results
Ms. Todd is odd! —Gutman, Dan.

A.J. and his friends are afraid that Ms.Todd, their substitute teacher, has killed their regular teacher and is trying to take over her job.

My teacher's not here! —Button, Lana, 1968- author.

"Although she is shy and quiet, Kitty likes going to school--and this is all due to her loving teacher, Miss Seabrooke. Only Miss Seabrooke knows the right way to open her thermos, do up her jacket and sing songs to the ...

Miss Bindergarten stays home from kindergarten —Slate, Joseph.

Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.

Dog eat dog —Marcionette, Jake, author.

Sixth-grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly settling in at his new school and has a new best friend, Michael, but a substitute teacher arrives who instructs by having her students help with a fledgling pet-grooming company, ...

Mysteries according to Humphrey —Birney, Betty G.

After learning about Sherlock Holmes, Humphrey the classroom hamster follows clues to try to discover why Mrs. Brisbane is gone and Mr. E, a fun but not very educational substitute, is taking her place in Room 26 at Long...

Captain Awesome vs. the sinister substitute teacher —Kirby, Stan, author.

When a sinister substitute teacher takes over their class, it is up to Eugene and the rest of the Sunnyview Superhero Squad to find Ms. Beasley and foil the sub's plot.

Jacob Wonderbar and the cosmic space kapow —Bransford, Nathan.

When sixth-grade classroom terror Jacob Wonderbar and his friends Sarah and Dexter find a spaceship crashed in the woods near their suburban neighborhood, their discovery leads them to a series of adventures including sp...

Judy Moody goes to college —McDonald, Megan, author.

When her substitute teacher realizes she is struggling in math, Judy is sent to a math tutor at the local college and soon is completely into the spirit of college life.

Food fight! —Katz, Alan, author.

"Oh, no! Noah, the classroom's evil pet ferret, has stolen everyone's lunch--and worse yet, he's done it on a day when Milton's mom, the class's go-to super-sub, is off on another assignment. Will Milton be able to foil ...

Jamaica and the substitute teacher —Havill, Juanita.

Jamaica copies from a friend during a spelling test because she wants a perfect paper, but her substitute teacher Mrs. Duval helps her understand that she does not have to be perfect to be special.

Ho ho homework —Larsen, Mylisa, author.

In this delightful Christmas picture book, Jack's substitute teacher, Mr. Clausen, looks a whole lot like Santa Claus-- could he really be Santa? This picture book comes with instructions for how to make your own snowfla...

Don't read this! —Dahl, Michael, author.

"A dangerous book is missing from the Library of Doom. The book has no words, except for one single sentence. Whoever reads it disappears. Forever. When the book appears in a classroom on the first day of school, it will...

Substitute creacher —Gall, Chris, author.
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Mr. Creacher, a multi-tentacled substitute teacher, warns his prankish students not to misbehave, recounting rhyming cautionary tales of the weird, spooky, and unexpected.

Young Cam Jansen and the substitute mystery —Adler, David A.

Cam's photographic memory helps a scatterbrained substitute teacher, especially when he discovers that he has misplaced his coat.

The great escape —Katz, Alan, author.

When Milton Worthy learns his classroom's pet ferret is the evil mastermind behind a dastardly plot for world domination, it is up to Milton and his substitute teacher mom to save Beacher Elementary School before time ru...

Sam battles the machine! —Chabert, Jack, author.

Sam, Lucy, and Antonio have a new substitute teacher, who happens to be the great-great-grandson of Orson Eerie, the evil scientist whose spirit possesses and infects their elementary school--and the friends are afraid h...

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