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The Last Jedi : Incredible cross-sections —Fry, Jason, author.

A fantastic hardcover book that goes inside--literally--to show the inner workings of 13 vehicles from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Each vehicle is full-colour, complete with callouts to all the pertinent features of ea...

Star wars, episode I : incredible cross-sections —Reynolds, David West.

Presents detailed labeled drawings, with background text, of the various spacecraft in "Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace."

Ultimate Star wars —Barr, Patricia, author.

"Characters, creatures, locations, technology, vehicles"--Cover.

Star Wars : the attack of the clones : the visual dictionary —Reynolds, David West.

Text and illustrations present characters from episode two of "Star Wars" and the technology they use.

Star wars : extraordinary droids —Beecroft, Simon, author.

This Star Wars guide with a twist showcases a world of droids in close-up detail. Arranged from smallest to biggest, more than 50 droids of the galaxy are revealed with stunning photography and gorgeous artwork. The evoc...

Inside the worlds of Star wars, attack of the clones —Beecroft, Simon.

Text and cross-section illustrations describe the places seen in Star wars, attack of the clones, including the Outlander club and the Jedi temple.

Star Wars : absolutely everything you need to know —Bray, Adam, author.

The updated edition of this bestseller with fascinating facts and fun trivia from everyone's favourite galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars : revenge of the Sith : the visual dictionary —Luceno, James, 1947-

Text and illustrations present characters from Star Wars, episode III, revenge of the Sith and the technology they use.

Star wars, Rogue One : the ultimate visual guide —Hidalgo, Pablo, author.

The essential, comprehensive guide to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This exciting reference format accompanies the eagerly anticipated, first-ever standalone Star Wars movie: Rogue One. This beautifully detailed title fe...

Star Wars : complete locations —Lund, Kristin.

The ultimate reference book for the planets, cities, and battles of the Star wars galaxy! The cross-section artworks offer incredible levels of detail that take you far beyond what is seen on-screen-- even beyond freeze-...

Revenge of the Sith : incredible cross-sections —Saxton, Curtis.

Detailed cross-section illustrations of the new spaceships and vehicles featured in Revenge of the Sith.

Star wars, the force awakens : the visual dictionary —Hidalgo, Pablo.

Presents a guide to the characters, droids, aliens, and creatures of Star wars: The force awakens, with details on costumes, weapons, and accessories.

Star wars : the complete visual dictionary —Reynolds, David West.

"The ultimate guide to characters and creatures from he entire Star Wars saga".

Star Wars search and find. Volume II.

"Travel across the Star Wars galaxy and explore sixteen illustrated scenes in this fun, search and find collection! Rey, Finn, and Chewbacca are counting on you to stay ahead of Kylo Ren! Think you've defeated the First ...

Star Wars : Search and Find. Volume 1

Travel across the galaxy and explore scenes from the Star Wars universe in this fun, illustrated search and find collection! Locate Chewbacca at Jabba's shindig on Tatooine, seek out Resistance hero Han Solo among X-wing...

Star wars : the complete visual dictionary —Reynolds, David West.

A guidebook to the characters, cultures, clothing, weapons, and more used in the entire Star Wars saga.

Star Wars : search and find

Padawans will need to use the Force to find all the objects in this colorful 48-page Search and Find, which includes new scenes from the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Young fans will enjoy travelli...

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