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61 Results
Star Wars encyclopedia of starfighters and other vehicles —Walker, Landry Q. (Landry Quinn), author.

This Star Wars encyclopedia profiles over 200 space ships and other vehicles. Find out about deadly starfighters, vast battleships, speeders, bounty-hunter craft, and many more iconic vehicles.

Hide and seek. Things that go —Sirett, Dawn.

"Filled with pictures to explore and study, Hide and Seek: Things That Go covers the exciting world of vehicles on the road, in the air, on water, and on tracks. Children will delight in hunting through the pages for car...

Star wars, episode I : incredible cross-sections —Reynolds, David West.

Presents detailed labeled drawings, with background text, of the various spacecraft in "Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace."

Star pilot —Buller, Laura.

Describes the many spacecraft seen in Star wars films.

Spacecraft —Gilpin, Daniel.

Discusses the internal workings of spacecrafts.

Spaceships and rockets —Lock, Deborah.

Read about rockets and spacecraft that have zoomed into space! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blastoff! Discover the manned and unmanned missions, and find out about space travel planned for the future.

Space —Krasinski, Géraldine, author.

Learn about astronauts and space exploration.

The best book of spaceships —Graham, Ian, 1953-

Illustrations and text describe how humans have tried to learn more about space and some of the equipment and vehicles used to do this.

Spaceships —Davis, Amanda.

Briefly discusses various spacecraft, including rockets, satellites, and space shuttles, and the jobs they perform.

Les navettes spatiales / Ian Graham ; [illustrations, Gary Bines, Lee Gibbons, Ceri Llewellyn ; traduction, Anne-Marie Hussein]. —Graham, Ian, 1953-

Un grand voyage spatial, à la découverte des fusées, des satellites et des navettes. Pour tout savoir sur leur fonctionnement, à quoi ils servent, ce qu'ils savent faire, et sur la vie dans une station de l'espace.

The 12 biggest breakthroughs in space technology —Morey, Allan, author.

٢This great STEM book has statistics, timelines and innovation timelines that profile the Space industry and 12 technological breakthroughs that have changed history and our society. Readers get tech information along wi...

Mighty mission machines : from rockets to rovers —Williams, Dave (Dafydd Rhys), 1954- author.

"Machines of every kind are the backbone of space travel. In this, the third book in the Dr. Dave Astronaut series, the former NASA astronaut takes readers on a tour of the incredible equipment that allows humans to trav...

Into infinity : from earth to the stars —Jefferis, David.

Find out how far away the planets are, if starships are possible and where we will travel in the future and much more. Presents a scientific exploration of when and how humans might travel to other planets.

Space exploration —Green, Dan, 1975 June 20-

Uses cartoon-style characters to introduce readers to topics related to space exploration and the spacecraft that have been used for it.

Space academy : how to fly spacecraft step by step —Kespert, Deborah.

An astronaut training course that shows children how to pilot different kinds of space craft. Second in the series, it is divided into three types of spread that encourage the child to imagine their journey into space. I...

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