9 Results
9 Results
Star Wars encyclopedia of starfighters and other vehicles —Walker, Landry Q. (Landry Quinn), author.

This Star Wars encyclopedia profiles over 200 space ships and other vehicles. Find out about deadly starfighters, vast battleships, speeders, bounty-hunter craft, and many more iconic vehicles.

Star wars : complete vehicles —Dougherty, Kerrie, author.

Presents detailed labeled drawings, with background text, of the various spacecraft in all six Star Wars movies.

Rocket —Hepworth, Amelia, author.

With layered die-cuts and fun facts, little ones learn all about rockets and space travel.

Spaceships and rockets —Lock, Deborah.

Read about rockets and spacecraft that have zoomed into space! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blastoff! Discover the manned and unmanned missions, and find out about space travel planned for the future.

Journey to the moon —Clemson, Wendy, author.

Poses mathematical problems involved with space and astronauts, as well as providing information on these subjects.