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35 Results
Penguinaut! —Colleen, Marcie, author.

Orville is a little penguin who lives in a zoo and dreams of big adventures, like going to the Moon; the other animals are skeptical, but Orville is determined, so he builds a spaceship and sets out all by himself--and d...

Let's go to the moon! —Silverman, Erica, author.

"Unable to interest her parents, her brothers, or her dog on a trip to the moon, Lana heads to her room where she uses creativity and imagination to blast off in her own amazing space adventure. . . an adventure so amazi...

Mission to the moon! —Brown, Jordan, author.

When Sean tells Jet, Sydney, and Mindy about the Apollo 11 mission, the kids decide to do a real-life reenactment of the first landing on the moon.

Journey to the Moon —Hapka, Cathy, author.

Val, aka Astronaut Girl, is just your typical eight-year-old scientist. She has her own laboratory and conducts experiments with her crew--her cat and baby brother. She loves science and knows everything about outer spac...

Space boy —Landry, Leo.

Having decided not to go to bed because his home is too noisy, Nicholas flies his spaceship to the Moon, where he enjoys a snack, takes a moonwalk, and enjoys the quiet--until he realizes what he is missing at home.

Big birthday —Hosford, Kate.

Tired of the usual birthday parties with magicians and pizza, Annabelle decides to take her guests for a party on the moon but problems begin before they even arrive.

Big Dog and Little Dog visit the moon —Young, Selina.

Because the moon looks sad, Big Dog and Little Dog build a rocket to fly there, "lumpily, bumpily through the night," to cheer him up.

The Berenstain bears on the moon —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.

Two Berenstain bears and their pup take a rocket ship to the moon.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm off to the moon! —Yaccarino, Dan.

A boy gets in a spaceship and takes a dangerous but exciting trip to the moon.

Thea Stilton and the star castaways —Stilton, Thea, author.

The mouselings are headed on a fabumouse mission to the moon! After much preparation, the mice blast off. But when they arrive at their lunar vacation spot, things start to go wrong, including spaceship wrecks and rebell...

Papa put a man on the moon —Dempsey, Kristy, author.

Marthanne's whole community is excited about the moon landing, and Marthanne is especially proud because her father helped create the fabric for the astronauts' spacesuits.

Voyage into space : [great story & cool facts]

In the story, My birthday on the moon, all Naram wants to do is have a birthday party with her friends, but instead she has to go to the moon all by herself. Is there any way this could work out? In the Facts section, le...

Rocket to the moon —Korda, Lerryn.

Donning homemade space helmets, four animal friends take a rocket trip to the moon.

A kite for Moon —Yolen, Jane, author.

A young boy, seeing that Moon is lonely, sends up a kite to cheer her then, after growing up and learning many things, he becomes the first human to visit her. Dedicated to Neil Armstrong and written in recognition of th...

Balloon on the moon —McCann, Dan, 1973-

When his little brother's red balloon goes flying off into the sky, six-and-three-quarters-year-old Jake goes on a mission to the moon to retrieve it for him, because that is what big brothers are for.

Hare and Tortoise race to the moon : an Aesop's fable —Corwin, Oliver J.

Best friends Tortoise and Hare compete to see who will be first to reach the moon.

Jimmy Zangwow's out-of-this-world, moon pie adventure —DiTerlizzi, Tony.

When Jimmy's mother won't let him have any moon pies for a snack, he takes a trip to the moon to get some.

Stanley the sock monster goes to the moon —Robaard, Jedda.

Stanley is a little monster with a big dream. More than anything, Stanley wants to visit the moon. His dad tells him he can do anything he sets his mind to. But now Stanley needs to come up with a plan.

The rooftop rocket party —Chambers, Roland.

Finn has many questions about such things as the moon and rockets while visiting Dr. Gass, who always has a scientific explanation, but can he explain a party invitation from the Man in the Moon?

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