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The Queen's smuggler. —Jackson, Dave, 1944-

Sarah tries to smuggle a New Testament into England in order to save the life of William Tyndale, a man imprisoned for translating the Bible into English.

Lando's luck —Ireland, Justina, author.

When Lando Calrissian gets caught smuggling on the planet Hynestia, the queen agrees to let him go if he delivers something called the Solstice Globe to the Empire on her behalf. Lando is relieved that his punishment is ...

Thora and the green sea-unicorn : another half-mermaid tale —Johnson, Gillian.

When an attempt to steal Shirley, a rare sea-unicorn, results in the sinking of their houseboat, ten-year-old Thora, her mermaid mother, and Mr. Walters stay at the estate of old friends and find a solution to the friend...

Hold fast —Balliett, Blue, 1955-

On a cold winter day in Chicago, Early's father disappeared, and now she, her mother and her brother have been forced to flee their apartment and join the ranks of the homeless--and it is up to Early to hold her family t...

Trailblazers : featuring William Tyndale and other Christian heroes —Jackson, Dave, 1944-

"Throughout history, steadfast Christians have paved the way for dramatic changes in the world. The Christian heroes from the Trailblazer books had the courage and strength to stand up for the God they believe in. Thei...

Runner —Deuker, Carl.

Living with his alcoholic father on a broken-down sailboat on Puget Sound has been hard on seventeen-year-old Chance Taylor, but when his love of running leads to a high-paying job, he quickly learns that the money is no...

Shadows at Predator Reef —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

When a five-hundred-pound sea turtle goes missing from the Bayport Aquarium, Frank and Joe Hardy investigate, discovering a network of underground tunnels hidden beneath Bayport that is aiding a sinister smuggling ring.

Tattoo of death —Montgomery, R. A.

After befriending two boys at the martial arts studio you attend, you are made a member of the Red Flower Gang and become involved in a plot to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country from China. Do you go along with...

Ghosts of Greenglass House —Milford, Kate, author.

"Twelve-year-old Milo is stuck spending the winter holidays in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem-again! He will have to work with friends old and new to uncover clues in search of a mysterious map...

The crocodile caper —Greenfield, Amy Butler, 1968- author.

Ra, the pharoah's pampered cat, and his scarab beetle sidekick, Khepri, investigate when crown prince Dedi disappears from the palace of one of Pharoah's wives in ancient Egypt.

The mystery of the fire dragon —Keene, Carolyn.

Nancy and her friends go to Hong Kong to investigate a smuggling case.

River traffic —Martin, Martha Brack.

While trying to help his father run the family's marina, sixteen-year-old Tom meets Kat, the daughter of a customer, who shares his interest in the history of local rum-runners.

The smuggler's treasure —Buckey, Sarah Masters, 1955-

Sent to live with relatives in New Orleans during the War of 1812, eleven-year-old Elisabet determines to find a smuggler's treasure to ransom her imprisoned father.

The smugglers —Lawrence, Iain, 1955-

In eighteenth-century England, after his father buys a schooner called the Dragon, sixteen-year-old John sets out to sail it from Kent to London and becomes involved in a dangerous smuggling scheme.

Adam's tropical adventure —Décary, Marie, 1953-

When Adam gets the chance to go to Discovery Island with his grandma, he takes his camera, a notebook and pencil so he can practice being a journalist. He's prepared for adventure but he didn't expect to discover a very ...

Hold fast —Balliett, Blue, 1955-
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Where is Early's father? He's not the kind of father who you think would disappear. But he's gone. And he's left a whole lot of trouble behind.

Camp alien —Service, Pamela F.

Young alien agent Zack, surly Galactic Patrol Cadet Vraj, and shy human camper Opal team up to find some Duthwi eggs before they hatch and cause a planetwide disaster, while the Gnairt who were smuggling the eggs try to ...

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