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Caillou. Good night! —L'Heureux, Christine, author.

Caillou enjoys playing games with his parents and listening to a bedtime story, but when it is time to go to bed, he does not want to sleep in the dark with the door closed.

How do you sleep? —Bonnett-Rampersaud, Louise.

Rhyming verse describes how a variety of animals, including children, sleep.

The rabbit who wants to fall asleep : a new way of getting children to sleep —Forssén Ehrlin, Carl-Johan, 1978- author.

Roger the Rabbit is just like you: he likes playing in the grass, and doesn't like going to sleep in the evening! With the help of a sleepy snail, a wise owl, and a wizard, he learns the secret of sleepiness... and so ca...

It's time to sleep in your own bed —Shapiro, Lawrence E.

Describes by means of a simple story what it's like for a child to make the transition from sleeping in his parents' bed to sleeping all by himself in his own bed. Includes an "Advice for parents" section.

In the dark : the science of what happens at night —Deresti Betik, Lisa, 1972- author.

"Do you ever wonder what happens at night while you're asleep and the world seems quiet and still? Nothing, right? More like everything - the sky, animals, plants and even our own bodies are full of activity!" -- Cover...

Water beds : sleeping in the ocean —Karwoski, Gail, 1949-

Introduces readers to the variety of sleeping patterns found in marine mammals.

Nap time —Hughes, Susan, 1960- author.

"A board book that features photographs of animals doing the same activity as toddlers do, napping, with accompanying two-word descriptions of what the animals are doing."-- Provided by publisher.

Happy healthy monsters : good night, tucked in tight (all about sleep) —Kleinberg, Naomi.

Elmo and the other muppets discuss the importance of good hygiene.

What to do when you dread your bed : a kids guide to overcoming problems with sleep —Huebner, Dawn, author.

Wouldn't it be great if you could climb into bed, snuggle under your covers, and fall asleep without any fuss or fear? Without listening for noises or thinking about bad guys? Without an extra drink, or an extra hug, or ...

Human body : [open your eyes to a world of discovery —Bingham, Caroline, 1962-

A brief introduction to the human body, including some facts about sleep.

Do not disturb : the mysteries of animal hibernation and sleep —Facklam, Margery.

Readers follow the movements of a wide array of animals - from the grizzly bear to the red-sided garter snake to the hummingbird - as they prepare for dormant periods that may last an entire season or just a few hours.

I love to sleep = J'aime dormir = Me encanta dormir —Graux, Amélie, 1977-

A book designed for tiny fingers to touch and feel as they learn their first words about bedtime in English, French, and Spanish.

My body needs rest —Gleisner, Jenna Lee, author.

"Introduces the benefits of rest on the human body, how much rest young bodies need, and what happens when we sleep while offering tips to get better rest."-- Provided by publisher.

Sleep is for everyone —Showers, Paul.

Discusses the importance of sleep and what happens to our brains and bodies during slumber.

Blue's bedtime —Kidd, Ronald.

Steve and Blue build a tent to help Blue go to sleep.

The book of ZZZs —Alda, Arlene, 1933-

Depicts babies, young children and animals as they sleep using bright, colorful photographs.

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