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4 Results
Octavia E. Butler's Kindred a graphic novel adaptation —Duffy, Damian, author.
Graphic Novel
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Home is a new house with a loving husband in 1970s California that is suddenly transformed into the frightening world of the antebellum South. Dana, a young black writer, can't explain how she is transported across time ...

The Empress Cixtisis —Simon, Anne, 1980- author, artist.
Graphic Novel
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"Cixtisis, the empress of Tchitchinie, kidnaps all of the men from Agalaia's kingdom to castrate them and make them her slaves. Anger grows amongst the female residents of Suffragette City--they want their husbands back....

Fight for freedom —Mack, Stanley.

In 1861, a young slave named Sam escapes to search for his father, who has been conscripted into the Confederate army, and makes his way to a northern city, while back at the Virginia plantation where Sam was raised Anna...