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Appaloosa —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

In the American West in the 1880s, Appaloosa is a small, dusty town under the malign control of a renegade rancher. Enter itinerant lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, who undertake to set things right.

Hanging at Pulpit Rock —Leighton, Lee, 1906-1996, author.
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"Pulpit Rock was a mining town where fistfights were entertainment, hanging was a way of life, and the law was whatever foul temper Sheriff Hawk Fremont was in that day. The town had had enough of Hawk's brand of justice...

Six-shooter junction —Bingley, David, 1920-
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Deputy sheriff Sam Regan discovered that his boyhood friend Pete was involved a bank raid, and was then forced to kill him in a shootout. Sam tried to conceal his friend's involvement, but word got out to some important ...

Not a hope in hell —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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They said he was a trigger-happy sheriff but when the bad boys came to town, nobody complained when he cut loose with his guns -- until the day when two elderly folk were killed during a shoot-out, forcing the sheriff to...

Return to Black Rock —Connor, Scott.
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Despite being innocent, Glenn Price served fifteen years for his father's murder. However, immediately upon his release, he is captured by bounty hunter Randall Nash. Glenn is dragged back to Black Rock, where the townsf...

Gunslinger breed —Sunman, Corba.
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Gunslinger Clint Halloran rides into Plainsville to help his pal Jeff Deacon, hoping to end his friend's troubles. But Deacon is on the point of being lynched, so he fires a shot. Now Halloran has a fight on his hands, a...

The beginning —Johnstone, William W., author.

"On the eve of the Civil War, Kirby Jensen is the youngest of three children living on a hardscrabble ranch in Southwestern Missouri. But in 1861, shots were fired in Charleston harbor, and Kirby's father and brother wen...

The Tanglewood desperadoes —Winters, Logan.

Driven off their land, a gang of settlers turns to a life of crime A few miles outside of town lies the Tanglewood, a savage maze choked with inedible plants and overrun with deadly animals. The sharpest trackers in the ...

Secret mission —Martin, Zeke.
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"When US Marshal Jenkins rode into town on a secret mission, he was mistaken for a train robber and badly beaten up. But he was determined to apprehend the real robbers. Nothing would stop him if only he could survive th...

Bad moon over Devil's Ridge —Parnham, I. J.
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Sheriff Cassidy Yates rides into Eagle Heights only to land in jail on an unfounded murder charge. Although Cassidy answers the charge, his wayward brother becomes implicated in the murder and the kidnapping of the dead ...

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