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Baaad hair day —Barclay, Eric, author, illustrator.

Sheep Dog wants his pal to get a haircut, and since it's shearing day, she certainly can. But Sheep's scared. What if her wool never grows back? She hides everywhere, until Sheep Dog discovers her hiding in a bush ... Ca...

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep —Barclay, Eric, author, illustrator.
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Sheep is an expert at protecting sheep - or so she thinks - until one happy afternoon when she bumps into a very hairy someone on the farm. "Who are you?" she asks. "I'm the sheep dog!" the someone says. "I watch the she...

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep —Barclay, Eric, author, illustrator.

An oblivious sheep wants to be the best sheep protector around, but unbeknownst to her, Sheep is being steadfastly guarded by a patient sheep dog.

Pete the sheep-sheep —French, Jackie.

The sheep-shearers in Shaggy Gully all have a sheep dog, but the new guy Shaun uses an extremely polite sheep named Pete.

A farm for Maisie —Churchman, John, 1957- author, illustrator.

"When baby sheepdog Maisie moves to a new farm, she learns about each animal's special job and soon learns what her job will be"-- Provided by publisher. Includes facts behind the story.

Little Bo Peep —Quintanilla, Hazel, 1982- illustrator.

A sheepdog has lost the sheep; will they come home? Presents the classic nursery rhyme for young children.

Max the missing puppy —Webb, Holly, author.

"Molly is thrilled when her family adopts a beautiful Old English sheepdog puppy. She names the puppy Max, and soon, the two are inseparable. Max misses Molly when she's at school, and he longs for her to come home and p...

Puppy in a puddle —Baglio, Ben M.

Mandy and James begin to suspect that a local breeder is mistreating Old English sheepdogs.

Flock to the seaside —Howard, Martin (Martin J.)

"The Flock thinks it's headed fro a day at the beach, but just when the smell of salt water is in the air. the Farmer's truck takes a turn into the Great-Piddlington-on-Sea Annual Farm Extravaganza. Bitzer's ready to com...

The strange case of the missing sheep —Catusanu, Mircea.

When ten sheep go missing in the Dark Forest, Super Sheep Dog Doug comes to the rescue.

Pranks a lot! —Howard, Martin (Martin J.), author.

Shaun the Sheep plays a practical joke on sheep dog Bitzer, who then has to get revenge. One prank leads to another.

Star on Stormy Mountain —Lewis, Gill, author.

Star wants nothing more than to be a sheepdog, just like her mum. But everyone says she's much too fast and eager, and when she fails her Level One Bo Peep badge, Star begins to worry that she'll never be good at anythin...

The snow lambs —Gliori, Debi.

Because she is on a rescue mission, Bess, the sheep dog, fails to respond when Sam's dad calls her to return home as a winter storm approaches.

Only one woof —Herriot, James.

Gyp, a cheerful but always silent sheep dog, startles everyone with uncharacteristic behavior during the championship sheep dog trials.

Andy : an Alaskan tale —Welsh-Smith, Susan.

Relates the adventures of a sheepdog who comes to live in a remote Eskimo village as he and the native inhabitants become accustomed to each other.

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