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Baaad hair day —Barclay, Eric, author, illustrator.

Sheep Dog wants his pal to get a haircut, and since it's shearing day, she certainly can. But Sheep's scared. What if her wool never grows back? She hides everywhere, until Sheep Dog discovers her hiding in a bush ... Ca...

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep —Barclay, Eric, author, illustrator.
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Sheep is an expert at protecting sheep - or so she thinks - until one happy afternoon when she bumps into a very hairy someone on the farm. "Who are you?" she asks. "I'm the sheep dog!" the someone says. "I watch the she...

Buford, the little bighorn —Peet, Bill.

The story of an awkward and scrawny mountain sheep with oversized horns who escapes the hunters to become the sensation of a ski resort.

Fluffy & Freckles —Miles, Ellen, author.

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home. Charles is so excited for his spring break trip to his dad'...

The missing dwarf —Staniszewski, Anna, author.

Snow White's wedding is only a day away, but Ralph, one of the seven dwarfs, has disappeared and it looks like the evil queen may have kidnapped him; Kara and Zed volunteer to rescue him, with Zed's pet sheep Lilly taggi...

Lambslide —Patchett, Ann, author.
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Nicolette Farmer is running for class president, and the rest of the Farmer family tells her she'll win by a landslide. A pack of overconfident lambs mistakenly hear lambslide and can't believe there's a slide made just ...

No sleep for the sheep! —Beaumont, Karen.

A sheep wants nothing but to go to sleep in the big red barn on the farm, but each time he closes his eyes, another animal moos or neighs or peeps to come in.

The crippled lamb —Lucado, Max.

A lamb who has always felt different and sad because of his black spots and his limp, feels his true worth when he is called upon to help keep the baby Jesus warm.

The wolves who came for dinner —Smallman, Steve, author.

When four hungry wolves arrive at a lamb's house at dinner time, her friends the forest animals are ready to do whatever they can to avoid a catastrophe.

Little farmer Joe —Whybrow, Ian.

During the first night he has ever spent away from home, Joe helps his uncle with a sheep and her new baby lamb, and finds that comforting the animals helps lessen his own fear.

Shaun the sheep : the beast of Soggy Moor —Howard, Martin (Martin J.), author.

One dark, misty night at Mossy Bottom Farm, a starving creature creeps silently through the farmyard, waiting to feed. Well, actually, it's just Bitzer the sheepdog with a growling stomach, holding his clipboard as he ch...

Pete the sheep-sheep —French, Jackie.

The sheep-shearers in Shaggy Gully all have a sheep dog, but the new guy Shaun uses an extremely polite sheep named Pete.

Sheep in a jeep —Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.)

Records the misadventures of a group of sheep that go riding in a jeep.

Sheep blast off! —Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.)

Upon finding a spaceship, sheep climb aboard and bumble around until they blast off into orbit.

Sleep, sheep! —Sparrow, Kerry Lyn, author.

"The only thing Duncan does not like to do at bedtime is go to sleep, and he knows all the tricks for avoiding it ̥Until one day, his mom has had enough, and leaves Duncan in his room to figure it out on his own. Left w...

Sheep on a ship —Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.)

Sheep on a deep-sea voyage run into trouble when it storms and are glad to come paddling into port.

The little lamb —Dunn, Judy.

A little girl takes care of a little lamb until it is big enough to return to the flock.

The gingerbread pup —Boelts, Maribeth, 1964- author.

Evalina dreams of having a dog to help with her troublesome sheep, but when she bakes a gingerbread dog he wreaks havoc all over town.

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