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The skin you live in —Tyler, Michael.

Introduces children to all the things you can do in your skin and the importance of accepting what's inside as opposed to worrying about what type of skin you have.

You matter —Robinson, Christian, author, illustrator.
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In this full, bright, and beautiful picture book, many different perspectives around the world are deftly and empathetically explored-from a pair of bird-watchers to the pigeons they're feeding. Young readers will be dra...

I really want to win! —Philip, Simon, 1988- author.

"Our heroine and her sidekick pup have their eyes on the prize and are ready to find something to win. They compete in a spelling bee, a dancing contest, hide-and-seek, and more in search of a shiny medal. But what will ...

The girl who could fly —Forester, Victoria (Victoria Lakeman)

When homeschooled farm girl Piper McCloud reveals her ability to fly, she is quickly taken to a secret government facility to be trained with other exceptional children, but she soon realizes that something is very wrong...

I am not a fish! —Raymundo, Peter, author, illustrator.

Edgar the jellyfish joins a self-help group of starfish and learns to embrace what makes him unique.

Not quite Snow White —Franklin, Ashley, author.
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A picture book for magical yet imperfect girls everywhere, written by debut author Ashley Franklin and perfect for fans of such titles as Mary Had a Little Glam by Tammi Sauer and the classic Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffma...

There's only one you —Heling, Kathryn, author.

"This feel-good book reassures kids that, whoever and whatever they are, it's awesome being YOU! Expertly written to include all kinds of children and families, it embraces the beauty in a range of physical types, person...

You matter —Robinson, Christian, author, illustrator.

Illustrations and easy-to-read text remind the reader that no matter what happens or how one feels, he or she matters.

Mayva O'Meere, creationeer —Pierce, Kristin.

She was a free-flying soul, with a heart full of fire,Who undeniably followed her creative desire. From the moment she woke till she crashed hard at night,Mayva was immersed in composing things that she liked.”Mayva O’Me...

Little sweet potato —Bloom, Amy, 1953-

When a little sweet potato gets shaken out of his garden patch, he encounters some very mean and silly plants and wonders if he is just too different to fit in anywhere.

Your inner compass that could —Pierce, Kristin.

This is a wise, inspiring tale that gives a fresh perspective on navigating the magical adventure of life. Rhyming verse encourages readers to connect within to let inner wisdom lead the way to true fulfillment while imp...

Smart move, Mazu.

"This book is all about Mazu, the brainy ankylosaurus. Mazu is one smart dino, but when it comes to sports, she just can't keep up! Mazu is frustrated by how slowly she moves--but when she and her friends have to outrun ...

Beautifully me —Noor, Nabela, author.

Zubi, a happy Bangladeshi girl, is excited about her first day of school, but at breakfast she is puzzled by her mother and older sister worrying about being "too big," and even at school she hears other people criticizi...

We're all wonders —Palacio, R. J., author, illustrator.
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"A picture book about Wonder's Auggie Pullman as a young boy"-- Provided by publisher.

My hair is magic! —Marroquin, M. L., author.

"A girl loves her beautiful, natural afro-textured hair and celebrates it in creative and inventive ways kids of all stripes will love."--Amazon.

Heidi Heckelbeck gets glasses —Coven, Wanda.

When she gets glasses, Heidi's friend Lucy gets a lot of attention at school, and eight-year-old Heidi decides that she must have glasses too, until her Aunt Trudy helps her to see that she really does not need them.

The curvy tree —Colfer, Chris, 1990-, author.
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A friendless girl who is teased for being different runs away from her village in tears and finds herself having a conversation with a very unusual tree, who tells a story of how his differences not only saved his life, ...

Here in the real world —Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.

"Ware can't wait to spend summer "off in his own world"--dreaming of medieval knights and generally being left alone. But then his parents sign him up for dreaded Rec camp, where he must endure Meaningful Social Interact...

My hair is beautiful —Grant, Shauntay, author.

Natural, knotty, fluffy, frizzy, twisted, tangled, pony, puffed! A celebration of natural hair, from afros to cornrows and everything in between, My Hair is Beautiful is a joyful baby board book with a powerful message o...

Fantastic Fiona

"Join Fiona the hippo as she visits her zoo friends, finding out what makes each one special. Is it their speedy running? Their lovely singing? And what makes Fiona so special to all of her friends?"-- Provided by publis...

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