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34 Results
Women who launched the computer age —Calkhoven, Laurie.

True story of six women who programmed the ENIAC computer as part of a secret WWII mission. They learned to program the computer without any software, instructions or tools (none existed.). -- Provided by publisher.

Snowflake Bentley —Martin, Jacqueline Briggs.

A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.

Margaret and the Moon : how Margaret Hamilton saved the first Lunar Landing —Robbins, Dean, 1957- author.

Margaret Hamilton loved numbers as a young girl. She knew how many miles it was to the moon (and how many back). She loved studying algebra and geometry and calculus and using math to solve problems in the outside world....

Who was Ben Franklin? —Fradin, Dennis B., author.

A biography of the eighteenth-century printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.

The girl who thought in pictures : the story of Dr. Temple Grandin —Mosca, Julia Finley, author.

Describes the life and accomplishments of the animal scientist and designer of cruelty-free livestock facilities, from her early life and autism diagnosis through her journey to become a livestock expert.

Becoming Ben Franklin : how a candle-maker's son helped light the flame of liberty —Freedman, Russell. 1929-2018

An introduction to the life of young Benjamin Franklin describes how, as a rebellious teen in 1732, he ran away from his family and a Boston apprenticeship to Philadelphia, and how throughout subsequent decades he rose t...

Benjamin Franklin —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.

SERIES: MAGIC TREE HOUSE FACT TRACKER - BOOK 40 (COMPANION TO: TO THE FUTURE, BEN FRANKLIN! ISBN 9780525648321) Track the facts about the great printer, inventor, and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin! Ages 7 to 10

A picture book of Benjamin Franklin —Adler, David A.

Surveys the life of Benjamin Franklin, highlighting his work as an inventor and statesman.

Instructions not included : how a team of women coded the future —Brown, Tami Lewis, author.

"The nonfiction story of a team of women innovators, Jean Jennings Bartik, Kay McNulty Mauchly, and Betty Snyder Holberton, who programmed early computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)"--Provided by...

Benjamin Franklin —Anderson, AnnMarie.

Provides a first person account of the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin.

The amazing life of Benjamin Franklin —Giblin, James Cross, 1933-2016

A biography of the eighteenth-century printer, inventor, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.

Space engineer and scientist Margaret Hamilton —Di Piazza, Domenica.

Margaret Hamilton wrote the computer software that helped humans land on the moon. Learn about Hamilton's fascinating career, including her role in the moon landing.-- Provided by publisher.

Temple Grandin : pioneer for animal rights and autism awareness —Barghoorn, Linda, author.

"American Temple Grandin is a renowned scientist, champion for animal rights, and an advocate for people with autism. This book highlights the achievements of this inspirational woman who lives with high-functioning auti...

The vast wonder of the world : biologist Ernest Everett Just —Mangal, Mélina, author.

Presents the life and accomplishments of the African American scientist, whose keen observations of sea creatures revealed new insights about egg cells and the origins of life.

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