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6 Results
The crown prince of Saudi Arabia
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The murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi has drawn the world's attention to the young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Frontline investigates the rise of MBS, his vision for the fut...

Saudi Arabia uncovered
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With undercover footage and on-the-ground reporting, FRONTLINE reveals a side of Saudi Arabia that's rarely seen, and traces the efforts of men and women who are working to bring about change.

Crosswinds : The Way of Saudi Arabia —Ajami, Fouad, author.

Fouad Ajami presents a firsthand look at the political culture in Saudi Arabia and its conduct and influence in foreign lands from the early 1990s to around 2010. From the influence of Islam in public life to Saudi ruler...

MBS : the rise to power of Mohammed bin Salman —Hubbard, Ben, 1973- author.
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MBS is the untold story of how a mysterious young prince emerged from Saudi Arabia's sprawling royal family to overhaul the economy and society of the richest country in the Middle East--and gather as much power as possi...

1000 lashes : because I say what I think —Badawī, Raif, 1984- author.
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"Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger, shared his thoughts on politics, religion, and liberalism online. He was sentenced to 1,000 lashes, ten years in prison, and a fine of 1 million Saudi Riyal, over a quarter of a mil...