4 Results
4 Results
Some like it hot —Dean, Zoey.

As prom approaches, Anna, Cammie, Sam, and their friends try to deal with their insecurities about their bodies and their relationships, and one of them discovers a shocking secret about her mother's death.

California dreaming —Dean, Zoey.

With college just a week away, the private jets are booked, the vintage Gucci steamer trunks packed, and it is time for the A-list crew to say goodbye. Or is it? Sam is headed to USC film school, but when Eduardo offer...

Tall cool one —Dean, Zoey.

When she joins her sister on the West Coast at their father's, Anna begins to understand that telling true love from true lust is far more easily said than done.

Blonde ambition —Dean, Zoey.

While Anna's new job as intern on the hottest television show brings her into contact with an interesting new man and helps her see how possessive Ben has become, Cammie sets her sights on Adam.