5 Results
5 Results
Ambush —Bradford, Chris, author.

IN AFRICA ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE. Teenage martial arts expert Connor Reeves is tasked with protecting a foreign ambassador's family on safari. Considered the perfect assignment, the holiday turns to hell when their conv...

Hostage —Bradford, Chris, author.

In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection. No one suspects that a teenager could protect someone - by Connor Reeves is no ordinary 14-year-old. He's a bodyguard, a martial arts expert trained in surveillance, hosta...

Assassin —Bradford, Chris.

Connor and Jason are hired to protect Feliks Malkov, son of a Russian politician. He's a target of the Bratva - the Russian Mafia - who'll stop at nothing to punish his father. Nowhere is safe. No one can be trusted, and...

Hijack —Bradford, Chris.

"For his new assignment Connor's been posted to a luxury yacht. His mission: to protect the twin daughters of an Australian media-mogul"--Provided by publisher.

Traitor —Bradford, Chris, author.

Young bodyguard Charley Hunter is all that stands between demanding rock star Ash Wild and his would-be killer as his sold-out U.S. tour continues.