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36 Results
Dora's mystery of the missing shoes —Ricci, Christine.

Dora and her friends search for various pieces of footwear that they are missing.

Ponies on Ice —Benjamin, Ruth.

When the ponies practice tricks to perform at the upcoming ice skating party, Pinkie Pie, who does not know any tricks, is worried that she will not have anything special to present on the ice, in a book where pictures r...

Scooby-Doo! : the pizza place ghost —Class 1-208.

Scooby-Doo and the gang find out if the pizza place is really haunted.

We love our school! : a read-together rebus story —Sierra, Judy.

Rhyming text with rebuses follows a group of animals through their first day of school.

Castaways! —Inches, Alison.

Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone pretend that they are castaways building a hut on an island. Austin also pretends he is a castaway. He is too shy to say "Ahoy" to the others but finds ways to help them with their hut.

Follow those feet! —Ricci, Christine.

Dora and Boots have found some strange footprints in the sandbox, and need the reader's help to discover who--or what--made them. Features rebuses.

Inside a zoo in the city : a rebus read-along story —Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957-

A cumulative rhyme featuring rebuses, in which a parrot, a tiger, a lion, a peacock, and other inhabitants of a city zoo wake up and startle each other.

P.B. Bear's treasure hunt —Davis, Lee, 1941-

When Uncle Swashbuckler gives P.B. a map and key to a secret treasure, P.B. and friends sail away to find the hidden jewels and coins. Told in rebus form.

We're making breakfast for mother —Neitzel, Shirley.

Rhymes and rebuses show children making breakfast for their mother, complete with flowers and a tray.

The best Easter hunt ever —Speirs, John.

Five children go on an Easter egg hunt. Treats are hidden on each page for the reader to find.

Treasure hunt —Barbo, Maria S.

Scooby and the gang have a picnic and look for treasure.

After school rules —Kirk, David, 1955-

When some of the Sunny Patch kids want to play soccer and some want to play basketball, they find a way to make both groups happy. Text contains rebuses.

The rebus bears —Reit, Seymour.

A simple retelling of Goldilocks and the three bears in rebus form.

Who will I be? : a Halloween rebus story —Neitzel, Shirley.

When an invitation to a Halloween party arrives, a child gathers supplies to make a costume but cannot decide what to be.

Picnic day! —Wax, Wendy.

The person who brings the best healthy food to LazyTown's picnic will win a prize.

The bag I'm taking to Grandma's —Neitzel, Shirley.

In cumulative verses and rebuses a young boy and his mother have different views on how to pack a bag for a trip to Grandma's.

The turtle and the hippopotamus —Banks, Kate, 1960-

Afraid to swim across the river because of the hippopotamus there, a turtle takes inspiration from other animals in trying other ways to get across. Features rebuses.

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