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Temple of the winds —Goodkind, Terry.

When the fanatical Imperial Order unleashes a deadly plague, Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell must seek a cure at the Temple of the Winds. But this legendary site was banished into oblivion 3000 years ago. How to find it...

Severed souls —Goodkind, Terry.

From the far reaches of the D'Haran Empire, Bishop Hannis Arc and the ancient Emperor Sulachan lead a vast horde of Shun-Tuk and other depraved "half-people" into the Empire's heart, raising an army of the dead in order ...

Phantom —Goodkind, Terry.

On the day that she awoke remembering nothing but her name, Kahlan Amnell became the most dangerous woman alive. For everyone else, that was the day when the world began to end.

Confessor —Goodkind, Terry.

Those who are still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world.

The pillars of creation —Goodkind, Terry.

New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind has created his most lavish adventure yet. Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices, a young woman named Lauren seeks to end her intolerable agony. She at last discover...

The third kingdom —Goodkind, Terry.
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The sequel to The Omen Machine, the extraordinary story of what happens next in Richard and Kahlan's world now that the great war has ended. Featuring the favorite characters from The Sword of Truth series in their ongoi...

The omen machine —Goodkind, Terry.

An accident leads to the discovery of a mysterious machine that begins to issue a series of omens. The omens turn out to be accurate. When the machine predicts a cataclysmic event involving Richard and Kahlan, Zedd tries...

Witch's oath : a children of D'Hara novella —Goodkind, Terry, author.

"Richard, Kahlan, and seven companions, are hunting a warlock in the waterlogged depths of the People's Palace. It will take all their skills to close on their quarry, but do any of them understand the true power of a Wi...

Debt of bones —Goodkind, Terry.

The story of young Abby's struggle to win the aid of the wizard Zeld Zorander, the most important man alive.

Blood of the fold —Goodkind, Terry, author.
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Richard Cypher and Kahlan face yet another challenge to the forces of love and truth when a group of anti-magic zealots known as the Blood of the Fold becomes an unwitting pawn of an ancient evil.

Into Darkness : The Children of D'Hara, episode 5 —Goodkind, Terry, author.

'Tell her I am called Fuer Grissa Ost Drauka - The Bringer of Death - and I am coming for her' The insatiable hunger of Golden Goddess ... The irresistible power of a Witch's Oath ... A fracture in the world of life ... ...

The third kingdom —Goodkind, Terry.

"The bloodthirsty Jit is dead, and against all odds Richard and Kahlan have survived. But a new menace has attacked them in the Dark Lands. Infected with the essence of death itself, robbed of his power as a war wizard, ...

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