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Dream horse

Experience the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely racehorse bred by small-town bartender Jan Vokes. With little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to ra...

Lean on Pete

Fifteen-year-old Charley Thompson arrives in Portland, Oregon with his single father Ray, both of them eager for a fresh start after a series of hard knocks. While Ray descends into personal turmoil, Charley finds accept...

Dead Ernest —Mitchell, James, 1926-2002, author.
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Ernest Fluck, a computer genius, is impossible to work with, a gambler and maybe a crook. He's also engaged to Irish racehorse owner Imogen Lithgoe. He's also missing - and so is one of her horses. Private detective, Ron...

The Enchanted —Bingham, Charlotte, 1942-

Joint ownership of a small dark chestnut colt from western Ireland brings together a group of very different people... When Kathleen finds a mare in foal, despite the fact that she and her father can barely afford to fee...

Perestroika In Paris —Smiley, Jane, author.

"From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Thousand Acres and the New York Times best-selling Last Hundred Years Trilogy, a captivating, brilliantly imaginative story of three extraordinary animals--and a young boy--wh...

Cindy's bold start —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

"When Cindy McLean goes back to Belmont to clean out her apartment, she finds her old diary and is taken back to the days when she started racing in New York, after she fled Dubai..."

An Irish country courtship : a novel —Taylor, Patrick, 1941-

After less than a year in Ballybucklebo, Barry Laverty is settling into the village, and with only a few more months to go before he becomes a full partner in Dr. O'Reilly's medical practice and Barry's really looking fo...

Hugger mugger —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.
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Boston P.I. Spenser heads down South where someone is making death threats against a thoroughbred horse destined to be the next Secretariat. As Spenser arrives at the horse owner's request, he finds that down in Dixie, t...

Cactus Jack : a novel —Smith, B. J. (Brad J.), author.

"Brad Smith's latest is a terrific novel about a thirty-something single woman, the untried colt she inherits, a horse crazy little girl, and their band of misfits and has-beens who stick it to the establishment in the c...

Bonecrack —Francis, Dick.
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"At midnight Neil Griffon's home is broken into and he is abducted by masked men. When he wakes up, hours later, Neil discovers that 'unless he cooperates' his kidnappers will destroy his father's racing stable, his prec...

Kentucky sunrise —Michaels, Fern.
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Demanding horse trainer Nealy Clay Littletree risks permanent damage to her relationship with her daughter, Emmie, when she doubts Emmie's ability to run the family business competently, unaware of the more important per...

Lord of misrule —Gordon, Jaimy, 1944-
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In the early 1970s, trainer Tommy Hansel attempts a horse racing scam at a small, backwoods track in West Virginia, but nothing goes according to his plan when the horses refuse to cooperate and nearly everyone at the tr...

High Stakes —McEvoy, John, 1936- author.

Irreverent Jack Doyle has worn many hats, one or two blown off by his irrepressible temper. A former boxer, advertising rep, and publicity man, Jacks midlife career has been shaped by the world of thoroughbred horse raci...

Raja, story of a racehorse —Hambleton, Anne.

Raja is an elite racehorse, the best of the best and destined for greatness, but a series of bad luck events and his fear of lightning end his racing career, and he finds himself pulled into the random world of "off-the-...

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