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8 Results
Return of the plumed serpent —Hancock, Graham, author.

After routing the Maya at the battle of Potonchan, the conquistador Hernan Cortes turns his attention to the much bigger prize of the Aztecs and their golden city Tenochtitlan. But in order to win the Aztecs' gold Cortes...

Fire season —Blackmoore, Stephen, author.

"Los Angeles is burning. During one of the hottest summers the city has ever seen, someone is murdering mages with fires that burn when they shouldn't, that don't stop when they should. Necromancer Eric Carter is being f...

Gary Jennings' apocalypse 2012 —Gleason, Robert (Robert Herman)

Scientists must crack the End-Time Codex in order to save our world from following in the fate of Tula, a legendary golden city built by the god king Quetzalcoatl, which was destroyed a thousand years ago.