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4 Results
Finding love in quarantine. Season 1

As a shocking medical crisis rages, Rick Baldwin finds himself in quarantine, catapulting him and his young daughter, Gracie, into chaos, isolation, and homeschool mayhem. As the world reels amid the spread of a highly c...


When a corporate law office is quarantined after exposure to a dangerous virus that makes the infected lose their inhibitions, a recently fired employee and a wronged client must battle their way to the executive level b...

Dead rising. Endgame
DVD] / Legendary Digital Studios Presents A DR2/Contradiction Films Production ; Produced By Tim Carter ; Written By Michael Ferris And Tim Carter ; Directed By Pat Williams
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After narrowly escaping a zombie quarantine, Chase can't shake the guilt of having left a trusted colleague behind. Now, as he heads back into the quarantine to expose the architects of the outbreak, he will uncover a se...


In the near future, a mysterious and incurable STD is killing thousands. To help control this new plague, the government herds people that have it into concentration camps. A resistance movement results.