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38 Results
Princess in pink —Cabot, Meg.

In a series of humorous diary entries, high school freshman (and Genovian Princess) Mia tries to get her reluctant boyfriend to take her to the prom.

Some like it hot —Dean, Zoey.

As prom approaches, Anna, Cammie, Sam, and their friends try to deal with their insecurities about their bodies and their relationships, and one of them discovers a shocking secret about her mother's death.

Payback : a novel —Carlson, Melody.

Samantha works to prevent a senseless tragedy after she has a vision of violence at a prom.

Prom —Anderson, Laurie Halse.

Eighteen-year-old Ash wants nothing to do with senior prom, but when disaster strikes and her desperate friend, Nat, needs her help to get it back on track, Ash's involvement transforms her life.

Prom anonymous —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Three childhood friends reunite to attend prom together and, in the process of finding dates and dresses, gain some surprising insights into themselves.

Prama —Ponti, Jamie.

Six high school seniors deal with the drama that goes along with attending the senior prom, including Allison, who plans to make a move on her crush, despite the presence of his girlfriend.

Rewind —Dower, Laura.

Not long after learning that he was adopted, eleven-year-old Peter is hit by a car and then given several chances to alter events that could lead to his death.

Prom crashers —Downing, Erin.

"It was love at first sight for Emily and Ethan. But then Em lost his number and , with it, all hope of finding a real boyfriend before the end of senior year. All she knows about Ethan is his first name, that he has a s...

Prom kings and drama queens —Cirrone, Dorian.

When high school junior Emily Bennet is caught between a new relationship with the boy of her dreams and planning an alternative prom with her longtime rival on the student newspaper, it forces her to think about her val...

Rebels like us —Reinhardt, Liz, author.

Forced to move to a small southern town halfway through her senior year, mixed-race teen Agnes struggles with culture shock and endeavors to keep her head down before discovering that her high school holds segregated pro...

A prom to remember —Hall, Sandy (Librarian), author.

From seven viewpoints, relates the events of Senior Prom at Roosevelt High School.

Prom princess. —Gallagher, Diana G.

Mary-Kate blames Dana Woletsky for stealing Ashley's Prom Princess votes, but when she's proved wrong she and Ashley have to help Dana become Prom Princess.

A really nice prom mess —Sloan, Brian.

Gay high school senior Cameron Hayes endures a disastrous prom night when forced to take a girl as his date, and after fleeing the dance in disguise, he finds himself involved in a surprising on-stage performance, a high...

Top ten uses for an unworn prom dress : a novel —Ferraro, Tina.

Having been stood up for the prom the previous year, high school junior Nicolette works on a top ten list of things to do with her unworn dress while also trying to help her divorced parents and take care of her relation...

Suzi Clue : the prom queen curse —Kehm, Michelle.

Suzi Clue, a mystery-obsessed freshman with her own sense of style, investigates "the curse of the prom queen" at Seattle's Mountain High School.

A funny thing about love —Downing, Erin.

Collects three novels in which Olivia lands an internship at a television station in London, Emily attends a prom to meet a mystery date, and Kate think her road trip is ruined by her friend's irritating cousin tagging a...

Prom night all the way —Stine, Megan.

After moving to a new school her senior year, Carmen would do nearly anything to get a date to prom, but when a very popular classmate blogs that she went all the way on their first date it seems all hope is lost, unless...

The big night. —William, Kate.

Elizabeth Wakefield can't wait to attend the prom on the arm of Devon Whitelaw, but will she be swept away by romantic memories when her ex-boyfriend, Todd Wilkins, wants to be alone with her one last time? Meanwhile, Je...

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