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Robert B. Parker's Angel eyes —Atkins, Ace, author.

"In the latest thriller featuring the legendary Boston PI, Spenser heads to the City of Angels to meet old friends and new enemies in a baffling missing person case that might shake Tinseltown to its core"-- Provided by ...

Spenser confidential —Atkins, Ace, author.

"Henry Cimoli and Spenser have been friends for years, yet the old boxing trainer has never asked the private eye for a favor. Until now. A heavy-handed developer is trying to buy up Henry's condo on Revere Beach and sen...

Darkness, take my hand —Lehane, Dennis, author.

Boston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro try to protect the son of a prominent psychiatrist in the midst of an ever-growing body count and a list of clues that point impossibly to a serial killer who h...

Hundred-dollar baby [a Spenser novel] —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.
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When a mature, beautiful, and composed April strides into Spenser's office, the Boston PI barely hesitates before recognizing his once and future client. Now a well-established madam herself, April oversees an upscale c...

Robert B. Parker's slow burn —Atkins, Ace.
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The fire at a boarded-up Catholic church raged hot and fast, lighting up Boston's South End and killing three firefighters who were trapped in the inferno. A year later, as the city prepares to honor their sacrifice, the...

Now and then —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.
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Investigating a new client's unfaithful wife, Boston private eye Spenser finds himself in trouble when the case goes terribly wrong and three people wind up dead, a situation that reveals the wife's lover's ties to a ter...

Widow's walk —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

When a prominent, wealthy Boston banker is murdered, suspicion falls on his young and unfaithful wife. As Spenser investigates, he discovers a Mob connection. And then murder strikes again.

Hundred-dollar baby : [a Spenser novel] —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Spenser, a Boston PI, is once again hired by April Kyle who was a teenage runaway that turned to prostitution. Now she is a madam of an up-scale, all-female operation that some men are trying to take away from her. April...

Robert B. Parker's lullaby : a Spenser novel —Atkins, Ace.

"Spenser takes up a seemingly open and closed cold case at the behest of a street-wise 16 year old girl, who believes her mother's murderers went free. As Spenser digs deeper into the mystery, he finds a much more danger...

Family honor —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.
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Sharp, tough, female private investigator Sunny Randall is hired by a wealthy family to locate their teenage daughter. The former Boston cop uses underworld contacts to track the girl down. And that's when Sunny's proble...

Stardust —Parker, Robert B., 1932-

When a Hollywood-based TV series schedules filming in Boston, Spenser smells trouble. When he signs up to protect the show's star, Jill Joyce, he knows it's on its way.

Family honor —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

PI Sunny Randall of Boston searches for a rich man's daughter who ran away to be a prostitute. After finding her Sunny must guard her because the girl is on a hit list. She witnessed a conspiracy involving state governme...

Robert B. Parker's Someone to watch over me —Atkins, Ace, author.

"In the latest thriller featuring the legendary Boston PI, Spenser and his young protégé Mattie Sullivan take on billionaire money manager running a network of underaged girls for his rich and powerful clients. Ten ye...

Cold service —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Spenser and Hawk confront the Ukrainian mob after Hawk is injured by them while protecting bookie Luther Gillespie.

Cradle and all —Patterson, James, 1947-
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In Boston, a young woman finds herself pregnant--even though she is still a virgin. In Ireland, another young woman discovers she is in the same impossible condition. And in cities all around the world, medical authoriti...

Rough weather —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Parker once again proves he is a force of nature in this mystery where a hurricane hinders a kidnapping and Spenser goes on a search for the man responsible--the infamous Gray Man, who has both helped and hunted Spenser ...

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