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The dirty dozen

Twelve tough criminals are offered absolution if they undertake a suicide mission into Nazi Germany.

Max Cloud

When teen gamer Sarah opens a portal into her favorite side-scroller, she becomes trapped in an intergalactic prison, home to the galaxy's most dangerous villains. To escape, she must finish the game, or remain a sixteen...

Get hard

When millionaire hedge fund manager James King (Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in San Quentin, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell Lewis (Hart) to...


A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

The boy in the striped pajamas

Set in Poland during World War II. Innocent and naive 8-year-old Bruno is bored and restless in his new home. Ignoring his mother, he sets off on an adventure in the woods. He comes across a high fence which separates hi...

The longest yard

A former pro football quarterback suddenly lands in a maximum security prison. Using fellow inmates, he must put together a motley group of cons to play a no-holds-barred grudge game against the sadistic guards.


Jack Mabry, a parole officer days away from retirement, is asked to review the case of Gerald 'Stone' Creeson, in prison for arson. Now eligible for early release, Stone needs to convince Jack he has reformed, but his at...

The Shawshank redemption
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Andy is falsely convicted of his wife's murder and sentenced to the toughest prison in the Northeast. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, based on a short story by Stephen King.

Rambo. Part 2, First blood

Sequel to First Blood, where John Rambo is recruited for a highly secret and dangerous mission in the jungles of Vietnam to locate missing American POW's.

3 blind saints

Scheming childhood friends Sam, Jamal, and Frankie embark on a road trip and find themselves wrapped up with the law in a small town. They manage to convince the town's most influential resident, Rusty, that they have be...

Kung fu killer

A martial arts instructor from the police force gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his...

Ambush at Dark Canyon

When a daring bank robbery turns deadly, U.S. Marshall Duke Donovan is falsely convicted and sentenced to life in prison. While behind bars, the disgraced lawman discovers the real bandits deadly plot to kill his wife in...

One-eyed Jacks
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"This is a western like no other, combining the mythological scope of that most American of genres with the searing naturalism of a performance by Marlon Brando--all suffused with Freudian overtones and masculine anxiety...

Taking care of business

Jimmy Dworski, a happy-go-lucky convict breaks out of prison and finally gets a life, somebody else's. When Dworski finds the daily planner book that literally runs the life of ultra-organized executive Spencer Barnes, a...


A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president's daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.

Maximum conviction

When former black ops operative Tom and his partner Manning are assigned to decommission an old prison they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long an elite force of mercenaries assault t...

Escape plan 2 : Hades = Le tombeau 2 : sécurité maximale
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Years after he fought his way out of prison, Ray Breslin must return to the hell he once escaped from to save his friend from the prison's brutal human battleground, known as Hades.

Suicide Squad : hell to pay
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When the Suicide Squad is called upon to retrieve a powerful mystical object, they risk their lives to steal it for themselves.

Mafia Greatest Hits 4 movies

Escape from death row (1973 ; 77 min.) -- A convicted criminal mastermind plans a daring escape on the eve of his scheduled execution. After his escape, he proceeds to wreak violent vengeance on the individuals who frame...

The last castle

General Irwin, a respected three-star tactician whose career ends in disgrace when he's court martialed and sent to a maximum security military prison, The Castle. Irwin quickly butts heads with the facility's autocratic...

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