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5 Results
Madea goes to jail

After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail. A gleeful Joe couldn't be happier at Madea's misfortune....

Breakout kings. The complete 1st season

Suspenseful storylines and fascinating characters drive this riveting new series from the creators of Prison Break. To help capture dangerous fugitives, two veteran federal marshals, Duchamp and his volatile partner Zanc...

The domino principle March or die.

The domino principle: A powerful secret organization involves a Vietnam veteran and convict (Hackman) in an assassination plot by offering him freedom from prison in return for an unspecified future favor. When Hackman l...

The Jackal
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A ruthless assassin, know only as the Jackal, is out to eliminate someone very high up in the U.S. government. In order to track down this coldblooded killer and prevent the hit, the FBI's Deputy Director and a Russian i...


John Bricker, recently released from a prison sentence for manslaughter, finds himself lured into the illegal world of underground fighting.