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Once upon a slime —Maxwell, Andy, author.
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Beginning with Goldilocks, various fairy tale characters are drenched in slime and join forces to discover who is responsible.

The joke's on us —Korman, Gordon.

When someone starts playing practical jokes at Macdonald Hall everyone suspects Bruno and Boots. They must prove their innocence or face expulsion.

Mary McScary —Stine, R. L., author.

Mary McScary loves to scare people, but nothing she thinks up seems to bother her cousin, Harry McScary -- but Mary will not give up trying.

Purrfect pranksters —Penney, Shannon, author.

Puppypaw Island is being pranked, and Flash doesn't like it one bit! Someone has ruined the pups magic lesson and tried to sabotage movie night. When the prankster goes too far, Flash decides to take matters into her own...

The not-so itty-bitty spiders —Stadelmann, Amy Marie, author, illustrator.

Beatrix is a witch, but her twin sister Olive is not, and when Beatrix plays one trick too many on Olive and their classmate Eddie the two decide to get back at her with a bucket of garden spiders--but when the spiders g...

Prank wars —Stanton, Matt (Illustrator), author, illustrator.

"Max is the Funny Kid and, given the choice, he'd always rather laugh than fight. But when a prank war breaks out just before the big overnight class trip, Max has no choice but to pull off the funniest prank ever! Gunke...

Wondercolts forever : the diary of Celestia and Luna —Chesterfield, Sadie, author.

Head back to Canterlot High School with Luna and Celestia in this replica of the teenage sisters' journal. Read their firsthand accounts and discover Canterlot High from the young girls' points of view as an escalating p...

Cork & Fuzz : no fooling —Chaconas, Dori, 1938-

Best friends Cork, a muskrat, and Fuzz, a possum, follow animal tracks through the snowy woods--but Fuzz keeps fooling around and playing tricks on Cork.

The terrible two —Barnett, Mac.

When master prankster Miles Murphy moves to sleepy Yawnee Valley, he challenges the local, mystery prankster in an epic battle of tricks but soon the two join forces to pull off the biggest prank ever seen.

Secret of the Red Arrow —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Joe and Frank investigate some pranks around Bayport, leading them to the Red Arrow, a crime gang.

Rainbow Dash and the great cookie prank —Belle, Magnolia, author. active 1980-2008

Rainbow Dash loves pulling a prank--or two or three! To prove that she's the greatest prankster around, she launches a one-pony prank war on all Ponyville. When she finally goes too far, it's up to Pinki Pie and the rest...

Prank you very much —McDonald, Megan, author.

Prankenstein strikes again! The Summer Science Showdown is just around the corner, and Stink is positive that he has the recipe for a winning entry. Soon he's acting like a mad scientist, with strong-smelling potions in ...

Unschooled —Woodrow, Allan, author.

Fifth graders George and Lilly are best friends, but when they end up leading separate teams competing for the Spirit Week prize, it puts a strain on their friendship, especially when the competition generates a host of ...

Timberwolf revenge —Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959-

At a hockey tournament in Calgary, two members of the Howling Timber Wolves play practical jokes on each other.

Bummer in the summer! —Gutman, Dan, author.

School's almost out for the summer, and A.J. is dreaming about all the fun things he's going to do on vacation. But A.J.'s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when three familiar spirits appear to show him summers past,...

The Emerald Princess plays a trick —Malcolm, Jahnna N., author.

Four girls are about to become princesses! But can they keep their kingdom safe? In the Jewel Kingdom, four girls rule: Roxanne is the Ruby Princess, Sabrina is the Sapphire Princess, Emily is the Emerald Princess, and D...

PICKLE : the (formerly) anonymous prank club of Fountain Point Middle School —Baker, Kimberly.

Using a bogus name, the League of Picklemakers, sixth-grader Ben and three recruits start a prank-pulling club and receive funding from their middle school's PTA.

The Terrible Two go wild —Barnett, Mac, author.

"School's out, and Miles and Niles are running wild in the woods outside town: climbing trees, exploring caves, and, yes, pranking. But these leafy, lazy days of mischief darken when bully Josh Barkin and his cadets from...

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