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Would you, could you save the sea? : with Dr. Seuss's Lorax —Tarpley, Todd, author.

"Dr. Seuss's Lorax explains how the oceans help clean the air we breath, and why we should recycle and avoid throwing away plastic that can pollute water"-- Provided by publisher.

Fight pollution, Big Bird! —Boothroyd, Jennifer, 1972- author.

"Young readers learn all about pollution and how to protect earth with Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends. Keep water clean, pick up litter, and recycle to help stop pollution."-- Amazon.ca

Ocean! : waves for all —McAnulty, Stacy, author.

Dude, I am Ocean. You know my many names: Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Southern. It's all excellent me. My salt water flows across the planet as one. I have no flag. No nationality. My waves are for all. Life on Ea...

Someday a tree —Bunting, Eve, 1928-

A young girl, her parents, and their neighbors try to save an old oak tree that has been poisoned by pollution.

Plasticus maritimus : an invasive species —Pêgo, Ana (Marine biologist), author.

"When she was young, biologist Ana Pego didn't play in a backyard but on a beach. As she grew older, Ana realized that a new species was becoming more and more common in the sand. She decided to collect the species and g...

The call of the osprey —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.

"A stunning addition to the Scientists in the Field series that explores mercury pollution found in the rivers and streams of Western Montana that might cause harm to humans--and the extinction of the entire osprey speci...

The mess that we made —Lord, Michelle, author.

Join four children in a little boat as they discover the magnitude of The Mess That We Made. With rhythmic language and captivating art, this cumulative tale portrays the terrible impact of trash on the ocean and marine ...

Oil spills —Powell, Jillian.

Presents the truth behind major environmental issues.

Taking on the plastics crisis —Testa, Hannah, author.

Sustainability advocate and activist Hannah Testa takes on the plastics crisis in this moving, personal piece. Here, Testa explores the harmful impact of single-use plastics, revisits the three Rs - reduce, reuse, and re...

Tracking trash : flotsam, jetsam, and the science of ocean motion —Burns, Loree Griffin.

Describes the work of a man who tracks trash as it travels great distances by way of ocean currents.

Air pollution —Donald, Rhonda Lucas, 1962-

Explains what air pollution is, how it is created, the problems associated with it and how we can help clean it up.

The Chernobyl disaster : legacy and impact on the future of nuclear energy —Mara, Wil.

"Provides comprehensive information on the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the differing perspectives accompanying it"--Provided by publisher.

Farming and the environment —Lambert, Mark, 1946-

Discusses the impact of agriculture on the environment and new,environmentally safe farming methods that could create a better future.

Looking at the environment —Suzuki, David, 1936-

Presents activities and experiments that introduce the world of nature around us and the impact of humans on it.

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