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23 Results
The big one : the Cascadia earthquakes and the science of saving lives —Rusch, Elizabeth, author.

About earth movement and plate tectonics, and the possibility of earthquakes at the Cascadia Subduction Zone, an area between British Columbia and northern California.

Plate tectonics —Quinlan, Julia J., author.

The ground beneath our feet feels sturdy and still, but Earth is actually covered in moving plates. These large plates make up the outer layer of Earth's surface and sit on top of another layer made up of molten rock. Bo...

Fault lines & tectonic plates : discover what happens when the earth's crust moves, with 25 projects —Reilly, Kathleen M., author.

"The ground beneath your feet is solid, right? After all, how could we build houses and bridges if the land was moving all the time? Actually, the ground beneath us really is moving very slowly all the time! In Fault Lin...

Earthquake —Lampton, Christopher.

A graphic presentation of the causes and results of earthquakes.

Investigating plate tectonics —Young, Greg, 1968-

We live on Earth s crust, but there are other layers beneath the crust. They are the mantle and the outer and inner core. In 1915, scientist Alfred Wegener said that about 200 million years ago, Earth once had a single l...

Shaky ground —Colson, Mary.

Presents information on earthquakes and their effect on planet Earth, giving specific examples from around the world.

Shifting shores —Vogel, Carole Garbuny.

Looks beneath the ocean's surface at the shifting of tectonic plates, the relationship between ocean and climate, and the complex paths of currents that thread the seas.

Earthquakes —Meister, Cari.

In Earthquakes, early fluent readers learn about what happens during an earthquake, including where and why earthquakes happen. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they lear...

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