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45 Results
Big pigs —Helakoski, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Three piglet brothers are determined to prove which one is the biggest.

No more diapers for Ducky! —Ford, Bernette G.

When Piggy can't come out to play because he is using the potty, Ducky decides it's time for him to learn to use the potty too.

Peppa Pig and the Christmas play.

Everyone in Peppa's class is excited about the Christmas play. Wendy Wolf is going to be an elf, Peppa will be a Christmas fairy, and Suzy Sheep is going to be the Christmas nurse - just in case someone gets sick. Peppa ...

What's that awful smell? —Tekavec, Heather, 1969-

While investigating an odor in their barn, a group of animals discovers a little piglet and engages in a variety of antics to get rid of the awful smell.

Baby piglet : finger puppet book —Huang, Yu-Hsuan, illustrator.

Simple text follows a piglet through her day, from breakfast to bedtime.

Wibbly Pig's silly big bear —Inkpen, Mick, author, illustrator.

Wibbly Pig has a new friend a bear so big, he can hardly fit on the page. He does not know how to brush his teeth or comb his hair and he can't even use a spoon. But Wibbly loves him just the same! A heart-warming story ...

Piglets don't watch television —Wiebe, Trina, 1970-

When Ms. Fitzpatrick calls to ask if Abby and Tess will pet-sit Prissy, Abby hears barking in the background. Could this be Abby's dream come true? A real live pupppy to look after? But it turns out that Prissy is no ord...

The picky eater —Parkinson, Betsy, author.

Piper the piglet is a very picky eater, who will only eat food beginning with the letter "P"--and somehow her parents must break her of this strange quirk, and get her to eat other good foods.

Find the piglet —Brooks, Felicity.

Spot the piglet hiding in each page of this book.

You are my sunshine —Hobbie, Holly.

Puddle cannot make his friend Toot stop moping until a huge thunderstorm clears the air.

No more bottles for Bunny! —Ford, Bernette G.

When Bunny wants to have some "tea" and cookies at Ducky's tea party, he gladly throws his bottle away so he can enjoy the benefits of being a big boy.

Is it bedtime Wibbly Pig? —Inkpen, Mick.

It's bedtime but Wibbly Piggly doesn't want to go to sleep yet.

Busy piggies —Schindel, John.

Describes in rhyming text and illustrations the various activities of a group of pigs.

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