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302 Results
Strictly no elephants —Mantchev, Lisa, author.

A boy is excluded from joining his friends' pet club because of his unusual pet.

Class pet mess! —Gutman, Dan, author.

Alexia is delighted when Mr. Cooper brings in Bob, a hognose snake, as class pet, but when Bob keels over, is Andrea's toy poodle or Alexia's neglect to blame?

Caring for your lion —Sauer, Tammi, author.

"What happens when a little boy expects an itty-bitty kitty ... but a lion gets delivered to his doorstep instead?"-- Provided by publisher.

A pet for Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

In this first Fly Guy picture book, Buzz tries to help Fly Guy find the right pet.

Two problems for Sophia —Averbeck, Jim, author.

When her family complains about her pet giraffe's loud snoring and sloppy kisses, Sophia finds an engineering solution.

The brave kitten —Webb, Holly, author.

"Helena loves helping out at the animal hospital where her cousin Lucy works. One day, the girls find a young cat who's been injured by a car. Helena helps to care for the cat she names Caramel, but when it's time for hi...

Gwendolyn's pet garden —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author.

"Gwendolyn begs her parents for a pet, and soon discovers how much she loves taking care of her very own garden."--Provided by publisher.

How do dinosaurs choose their pets? —Yolen, Jane, author.

At first, the dinosaurs try to bring home all manner of wild beasts, but in the end, they learn to bring home an appropriate animal from a shelter or pet store and to love and care for it with attention.

You don't want a unicorn! —Dyckman, Ame, author.

"A child wishes for a unicorn without knowing how unruly they are as pets"-- Provided by publisher.

The pet : cautionary tales for children and grown-ups —Emmett, Catherine, author.

"Dibgy David wants a pet, and what Digby wants, Digby gets! But Digby David soon finds his new guinea pig boring, and before long he stops walking his dog. He wants a pet that is bigger and batter than everyone else's. B...

Fly Guy's ninja Christmas —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

It is Christmas Eve and Fly Guy realizes that he does not have a present to give to his best friend Buzz--but when he looks around the house searching for something suitable he discovers a stranger in a red suit, and dec...

Starwhal —Rose, Matilda, author.

"Everyone in Fairyland knows that Mrs. Paws is the perfect pet matchmaker! She has flying piglets, baby griffins and even pugicorns. She has a knack of knowing what pets are right for each princess, prince, or mermaid! M...

I don't know what to call my cat —Philip, Simon, 1988- author.

Before a little girl has a chance to name the cat that arrives unexpectedly at her house, he disappears again only to be replaced by another "pet," Steve the gorilla.

The SpongeBob movie. Sponge on the run

SpongeBob SquarePants, his best friend Patrick, and the Bikini Bottom gang star in their most epic adventure movie yet! When SpongeBob's beloved pet snail Gary goes missing, a path of clues leads SpongeBob and Patrick to...

The most magnificent thing —Spires, Ashley, 1978- author, illustrator.

A little girl has a wonderful idea. With the help of her canine assistant, she is going to make the most magnificent thing! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. But making the most magnificen...

Wedgie & Gizmo —Selfors, Suzanne, author.

While his human Elliot adjusts to his new home and stepfamily, Gizmo, an evil genius guinea pig, searches for a new evil lair where he can plot to take over the world, but Gizmo is constantly thwarted by Elliot's little ...

Just pick us, please! —Mayer, Mercer, 1943- author.

When Little Critter hosts a pet fair at school, that features animals big and small, furry and feathery, he finds himself wanting a pet.

There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author.

After accidentally swallowing her grandson's pet fly, Grandma tries to retrieve it by consuming progressively larger animals.

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