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8 Results
Dance party countdown —Litwin, Eric, author.
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Groovy Joe is a guitar playing dog who loves to sing and dance, and when many other dogs come and join him his home gets a little crowded, but the party is fun, and Joe is definitely a guitar hero.

Bulldozer's big day —Fleming, Candace, author.
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It's Bulldozer's big day -- his birthday! But around the construction site, it seems like everyone is too busy to remember. Bulldozer wheels around asking his truck friends if they know what day it is, but they each only...

Glitter girls and the great fake-out —Cabot, Meg.

Uncle Jay is in town, leaving Allie excited for the weekend ahead. However, when her mother announces that she is to attend Brittany Hauser's birthday party, Allie braces for what could go down as the worst weekend ever....

The best of Fancy Nancy —O'Connor, Jane.
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Join Nancy and her friends on six fantastic adventures.

Mary wore her red dress —Peek, Merle.
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Each of Katy Bear's animal friends wears a different color of clothing to her birthday party.

Super secret surprise party —O'Connor, Jane, author.
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Shh! Fancy Nancy and her classmates are planning a surprise party -- that means it's top secret! Together Nancy and her friends prepare the treats and decorate the classroom for the party. Everything has to be kept super...

Iris and Walter and the birthday party —Guest, Elissa Haden.

At Walter's birthday party his guests are supposed to go for horseback rides, but his horse Rain has other plans on the day of the party.

Annie and Snowball and the dress-up birthday —Rylant, Cynthia.

"Annie's birthday is coming up, and she is very excited. She will have a birthday party and invite her family, including her pet bunny Snowball. Her next-door-neighbor and favorite cousin Henry and his big dog Mudge will...