16 Results
16 Results
Prehistoric road trip an epic journey through America's fossil country
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The three-part natural history series merges science, culture, and history and brings audiences along for an unforgettable voyage through hundreds of millions of years of history.

Frozen world the story of the ice age.
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Travel back through history, over 27,000 years into the past, when Arctic glaciers reached as far south as London and people faced a daily struggle not just to survive as individuals, families or groups, but to avoid the...

Mystery of the megaflood
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Explores the evidence of a megaflood which occurred about 15,000 years ago that explains abnormal landscape features in the American northwest.

Prehistoric predators
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Travel back in time and go face-to-face with the most ferocious animal giants of the Ice Age. Animals such as the saber-toothed cat, the short-faced bear, and the dire wolf. Brings these lethal creatures to life in a sta...

A global warning?
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The History Channel answers the question: After 650 million years of climate change, is global warming simply a naturally occuring phenomenom, or the result of human activity? Arctic ice is melting, sea levels are rising...

The dinosaur echo
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"The renaissance of paleontology in Canada today and what dinosaurs can teach us about climate change."--Container.