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Otter : let's go swimming! —Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.

Otter is going to learn to swim at the beach--if she can get over her fear of the sea.

Otter : oh no, bath time! —Garton, Sam.

After playing in the garden, muddy Otter and Teddy try to avoid bath time until they see fun bubbles and a duck in the tub.

Otter : hello, sea friends! —Garton, Sam.

"Otter keeper is taking me and Teddy on a trip to visit sea friends! I am going to meet all the animals that live in the ocean. I wonder which one will be my favorite..."--Jacket flap.

Otter goes to school —Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.

When Otter starts a school, Teddy becomes sad because the other students are all good at something and it seems he is not.

Otter : what pet is best? —Garton, Sam.

On her next adventure, Otter tries to choose the perfect pet for her and Teddy.

Little by little —Stewart, Amber.

Otto is a young otter who can do many things well, but swimming is not one of them until his older sister tells him to start small and, little by little, he is able to reach his goal, adding swimming to his "I can do" li...

Magic animal friends. 11, Chloe Slipperside's secret —Meadows, Daisy, author.

"Lily and Jess are back in Friendship Forest and they can't wait to spend time with little otter Chloe Slipperslide. But when Grizelda casts a spell, Chloe starts to hide all the shiny objects in Friendship Forest! Can L...

Otter : I love books! —Garton, Sam.

Otter discovers a love for books and reading.

Best cake ever —Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.

On her next adventure, Otter bakes a delicious cake for Teddy's birthday.

Narval et loutre amie —Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.

Gelato, habituellement d'humeur raisonnable, navigue en eaux troubles lorsque Narval et lui font la rencontre de Loutre, une nouvelle amie super aventureuse.

Franklin and Otter's visit —Bourgeois, Paulette.

When Otter comes to visit after moving to her new home, she and Franklin find out that they have both grown up a little and find new ways to still be friends.

Nikik and Wapus save the people —McLellan, Joseph.

"In the days when Nanabosho roamed the forests of the Anishinabe, Nikik the otter and Wapus the rabbit are good friends who can't stop playing pranks on each other. One day, their antics lead them to discover something ...

Martha doesn't share! —Berger, Samantha.

Martha the otter learns there are unpleasant consequences for refusing to share with her baby brother.

High Rhulain —Jacques, Brian.

Following a dream, the young ottermaid Tiria travels from Redwall to the Green Isle, where otters have long been enslaved by feral cats but fight back as they await the High Rhulain, a savior whose coming was foretold.

A lot of otters —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

As a lot of otters wrestle, roll, and cavort on the water, they make such a commotion of light that Mother Moon finds her lost child.

Little Otter's big journey —Bedford, David, 1969-

Afraid to dive into the big blue sea with his mother to look for food, Little Otter drifts further and further from shore, and everyone he meets leaves him alone when they go to find help.

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