13 Results
13 Results
Thicker than water : [a Tori O'Shea mystery] —MacPherson, Rett.

Genealogist Torie O'Shea is grief-stricken when she receives the news that her mentor and boss Sylvia has passed away at the age of 102. Sylvia leaves all her worldly possessions to Torie, including the Gaheimer House, t...

Killing cousins —MacPherson, Rett.

Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea, researching the life of a local jazz singer, discovers that the woman's infant son was kidnapped in 1938 and never found. Then a tiny skeleton is discovered in an abandoned building.

In sheep's clothing : a novel —MacPherson, Rett.

The 150 year-old diary of a Swedish woman living in Minnesota has Torie looking for clues to the author of the diary. When the diary ends abruptly with hints of brutal violence, Torie becomes enmeshed in a deadly mystery...