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31 Results
Bear likes jam —Gavin, Ciara, author, illustrator.

In their blended family, Mama Duck worries when Bear eats too much jam, but when the ducklings play a game with their vegetables, Bear starts to eat the strange green things on his plate.

Little Critter : just a storybook collection —Mayer, Mercer, 1943- author.

Collects six stories starring Little Critter, in which he trains for a race, builds a snowman, spends the weekend with his grandparents, and works on a project for the science fair.

Rodeo Ron and his milkshake cows —Clifford, Rowan.

Rodeo Ron rides into town in the company of four colorful cows and challenges the soda bar owners to a "shake-off" of milkshakes against soft drinks.

Good for me and you —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Little Critter begins to exercise and eat a balanced diet after learning about healthy lifestyles in school.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox : the great pancake adventure —Luckhurst, Matt.

In this humorous twist on a classic tale, Paul Bunyan and his best friend, Babe the Blue Ox, leave life on the farm to work for a logger who pays them with their favorite thing: pancakes!

Second Banana —Thornburgh, Blair, author.

When a girl who feels rotten about playing Second Banana in the annual food and nutrition pageant learns that the girl playing First Banana has stage fright, she suggests a solution to both problems.

Healthy snacks with Blue! —Chanda, J-P.

Blue and her friends have to bring a healthy snack to school.

Lunch quest —Kuzma, Chris, 1980-

Have you ever been looking for your lettuce, but instead you find skate kids shredding the moon, bunny gladiators astride bumpy frogs, and dance party dance-offs so twisty they put a bag of pretzels to shame? No? Then di...

Yum, yum, baby! : first words for little foodies —Wren, Rosalee, author.

Charming, colorful illustrations introduce first words for little foodies! This padded board book encourages healthy food choices and supports comprehension and vocabulary growth.

Paleo pals. Jimmy and the carrot rocket ship —Fragoso, Sarah.

Paleo pals are super heroes who help Jimmy learn to like a paleo diet.

Jack & the hungry giant eat right with MyPlate —Leedy, Loreen, author, illustrator.

"Jack goes up the beanstalk, where he is greeted by a kind giant who cooks him a nutritious meal. He learns about healthy eating habits from the giant and his wife"-- Provided by publisher.

Hugo makes a change —Emmons, Scott, author.

Hugo the vampire craves red, juicy meat for every meal! But when his eating habits leave him feeling sluggish and bored, he goes on the prowl for something new. After trying fruits and vegetables for the first time, he d...

Second Banana —Thornburgh, Blair, author.

"A girl is disappointed with her "rotten"role in the school play -- but the show must go on The kids in Mrs. Millet's class are putting on their annual nutrition pageant. Every kid plays a food. Every kid gets a line. It...

What I do with vegetable glue —Chandler, Susan, 1971-

Illustrations and rhyming text introduce a little girl who only eats cake and, lacking "good stuff" inside to keep her body together, must use her grandmother's vegetable glue to reattach parts that fall off.

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