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39 Results
King of the North Pole —Shea, Lisa. 1953-

Loki wants nothing more than to be a king. He decides to take over the North Pole and brings an army of frost giants to unseat Santa. Now it is up to Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Storm, and Human Torch to swoop in and save...

Little Polar Bear and the reindeer —Beer, Hans de, 1957-

Lars, the Little Polar Bear, helps a herd of reindeer migrate south after a high fence has been built in their path.

Race to the North Pole —Roth, Megan.

Follow the trail for a snowy adventure to the North Pole! This storybook has a die-cut path so toddlers can move their fingers along the path as they meet penguins, elves, reindeer, and even Santa! With adorable illustra...

Holidays are for hugs —Ottersley, Martha T.

"Help Dora deliver presents to all her friends in this adorable book that's perfect for the Christmas season. After Dora delivers a special gift to each of her friends, they all visit the North Pole to give gifts to San...

Sailing off to sleep —Ashman, Linda.

Bedtime for a little one brings an imaginary journey to the North Pole to cuddle and play with the many animals there.

Auntie Claus and the key to Christmas —Primavera, Elise.

When Chris expresses doubt about the existence of Santa Claus, his older sister Sophie reveals that their aunt is really Santa's sister and helper and then sends him on a strange journey.

The Polar Express —Van Allsburg, Chris, author, illustrator.

A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa Claus.

Trip to the North Pole —Weiss, Ellen, 1949-

On Christmas eve, a young boy joins some other children on a magical train ride to the North Pole.

Pôle Nord, Pôle Sud —Duquennoy, Jacques.

Une trame tre`s simple, peu de texte et de jolies illustrations nai·ves a` la ligne claire mises en couleur a` l'aquarelle. [SDM].

All aboard the Polar Express.

The Polar Express train visits the North Pole and passengers find out what the first gift of the season is going to be from Santa Claus.

Auntie Claus —Primavera, Elise.

When her eccentric Auntie Claus leaves for her annual business trip, Sophie stows away in her luggage, travels with her to the North Pole, and discovers that her aunt is really Santa's sister and helper.

Santa's reindeer —Green, Rod (Journalist)

Presents a detailed account of how Santa's reindeer learn to fly, what they are like, and what they do for the rest of year when they're not flying Santa around the world.

Ralph's frozen tale —Primavera, Elise.

Ralph, a fearless explorer on his way to the North Pole, meets a friendly polar bear who helps him in his journey.

SantaKid —Patterson, James, 1947-

A businessman who is not very nice has bought the North Pole and Christmas, threatening to ruin that special day, and only Chrissie, Santa's daughter, seems to believe Christmas can be saved.

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