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The paperboy —Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
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A paperboy and his dog enjoy the quiet of the early morning as they go about their rounds.

Curious George : windy delivery —Nuchi, Adah, author.

When a big snowstorm endangers Bill's newspaper delivery business, his monkey friend George helps him distribute the papers using a tobaggan and wind power.

Adventures of Drippy the newsboy. 1, Drippy's mama —Lawrence, Julian.

Drippy's mother worries when he falls in with a bad crowd.

The paperboy —Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

A paperboy and his dog enjoy the quiet of the early morning as they go about their rounds.

Fairytale news —Hawkins, Colin.

The events of several familiar fairy tales get mixed up in the story of Jack, who takes a job delivering newspapers, until he finds his fortune at the top of a magic beanstalk.

The journal of Finn Reardon : a newsie —Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.

Finn Reardon, a thirteen-year-old Irish-American newspaper carrier who hopes to be a journalist someday, keeps a journal of his experiences living in New York City in 1899. Includes historical notes.

The tram to Bondi beach —Hathorn, Elizabeth.

Keiran longs to be a paper boy and sell papers to the passengers on the tram that goes by his flat in a small Australian town.

The paper cowboy —Levine, Kristin (Kristin Sims), 1974-

In a small town near Chicago in 1953, twelve-year-old Tommy faces escalating problems at home, among his Catholic school friends, and with the threat of a communist living nearby, but taking over his hospitalized sister'...

Kid blink beats the world —Brown, Don, 1949-

A story of the newsboys (and girls) who took on the world's most powerful press barons--and won.

Paperboy —Vawter, Vince.
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An 11-year-old boy living in Memphis in 1959 throws the meanest fastball in town, but talking is a whole different ball game. He can barely say a word without stuttering, not even his own name. So when he takes over his ...

The last newspaper boy in America —Corbett, Sue.

Wil's paper route is canceled when a large newspaper stops delivery to Wil's small town, but with the help of his clueless brother, a neighborhood friend, and the basic principles of physics, Wil finds a way to save his ...

Paper round —Arena, Felice.

A paper round seems like the perfect way for Nick and Matt to earn extra pocket money. Nick and Matt think they do a great job, but their customers think otherwise - they're not happy!

Flea circus summer —Ware, Cheryl.

The summer before seventh grade, Venola Mae Cutright, Belington, West Virginia's best newspaper carrier, writes a series of humorous letters to her best friend away at camp, the Imperial Magic Sea Monkey Company, and her...

Newspaper caper —Anderson, Max Elliot.

Tom Stevens and his two best friends see some pretty interesting things each morning as they work on their newspaper route, but one day, instead of delivering news, they become the news.

Paperboy —Kroeger, Mary Kay.

In Cincinnati in 1927, paperboy Willie Brinkman tries to sell extras on the Dempsey-Tunney boxing match in his workingman's neighborhood.

Henry and the paper route —Cleary, Beverly.

Henry's valiant efforts to get his own paper route are finally rewarded -- with a little help from Ramona.