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Meditations for breaking the habit of being yourself —Dispenza, Joe, 1962- author.
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This mental-rehearsal CD set, the four-week guided-meditation companion program to Dr. Joe Dispenza's book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, is designed to move you from the analytical Beta brain-wave state to the st...

The greatest secret —Byrne, Rhonda, author.

Shares the most direct way out for those experiencing hardship and the path to end pain and suffering endured by so many, and shines a light on a future without anxiety or fear.

You can heal your life the movie

Louise Hay explains her methods of self-affirmation and guides viewers through transforming negative body image feelings into positive ones.

The book of manifestations : practical ways to attract your deepest desires —Karamchandani, Mishal, author.

Wondering why your desires haven't manifested despite your best efforts to attract them? Are you fed up pretending to be happy in name of positive thinking? Or does your life seem like it's heading nowhere? Fret no more....

The greatest secret —Byrne, Rhonda, author, narrator.
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The long-awaited major work by Rhonda Byrne, lays out the next quantum leap in a journey that will take the listener beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist. The book reflect...

Thank & grow rich : a 30-day experiment in shameless gratitude and unabashed joy —Grout, Pam, author.

'Thank & Grow Rich' is for anyone interested in hooking up with the magnanimous energy field of the cosmos. From the author of 'E-Squared', who likes to call herself the Warren Buffet of Happiness, comes a 30-day experim...

Money, and the law of attraction [learning to attract wealth, health, and happiness] —Hicks, Esther.
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Esther and Jerry Hicks explain five different aspects of physical and financial well-being as well as how not having enough of either can put an individual in perfect alignment for creating more.

Self healing [creating your health] —Hay, Louise L.
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How to create and maintain a healthy body by releasing negative beliefs with vocal and subliminal affirmations.

The law of attraction, plain, and simple : create the extraordinary life that you deserve —Ricotti, Sonia, 1965-

"Eleven simple steps to attaining joy, freedom, and inner peace in every area of life"--Provided by publisher.

The miracle club : how thoughts become reality —Horowitz, Mitch, author.

"A guide to creating miracles in your own life through the power of thought"--Provided by publisher.

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