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Your name is a song —Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah, author.
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Frustrated by a day full of teachers and classmates mispronouncing her beautiful name, a little girl tells her mother she never wants to come back to school. In response, the girl's mother teaches her about the musicalit...

The name jar —Choi, Yangsook, author.

After Unhei moves from Korea to the United States, her new classmates help her decide what her name should be.

Who's on first? —Abbott, Bud, 1897-1974

Abbott and Costello's classic comedy routine, reissued for children, features a bear and a rabbit trying to determine the baseball player covering each base.

A porcupine named Fluffy —Lester, Helen.

A porcupine named Fluffy is happier with his name after he meets a similarly misnamed rhinoceros.

Phoebe sounds it out —Zwillich, Julie, author.

"Phoebe is a little girl with a problem. At school, the children are practicing writing their names. "Sound it out," their teacher coaches. But the sounds that Phoebe hears don't look like the letters in her name! After ...

Even weirder! —Do, Anh, author.

Weir's back and even weirder! But it's not just Weir who's weird, it's his whole family. Not even their pet bird is normal! How will he keep cool with a school trip to the zoo coming up AND Bella's birthday party?! It wo...

WeirDo —Do, Anh, author.

Weir Do, the new kid in school with an unforgettable name, desperately tries to fit in and win the attention of Bella Allen, his crush.

A name for baby —Boyd, Lizi, 1953- author, illustrator.

When a baby mouse is born, her mother seeks just the right name in the gifts and advice of her neighbors.

The 6th grade nickname game —Korman, Gordon.

Almost everybody on Old Orchard Primary School (OOPS) has had the dubious honour of receiving a nickname from bestfriends Jeff and Wiley. It's only when a spunky red-haired environmentalist named Cassandra enters their l...

Rump : the true story of Rumpelstiltskin —Shurtliff, Liesl.

Relates the tale of Rumpelstiltskin's childhood and youth, explaining why his name is so important, how he is able to spin straw into gold, and why a first-born child is his reward for helping the miller's daughter-turne...

Extra weird! —Do, Anh, author.

Weir's back and extra weird! Dad's working on his cool dance moves for the local talent search, while Weir's trying out for the school soccer team! Will Weir score a goal, or fall flat? It won't be easy ... but it will b...

Don't call me Sidney —Sutton, Jane.

Unable to find a rhyme for his name, Sidney the pig decides to become Joe, much to the dismay of his mother and friends.

The day of Ahmed's secret —Heide, Florence Parry.

A young Egyptian boy describes the city of Cairo as he goes about his daily work and waits for the evening to share a special surprise with his family.

Alma and how she got her name —Martinez-Neal, Juana, author, illustrator.

What's in a name? For one little girl, her very long name tells the vibrant story of where she came from - and who she may one day be. In her author-illustrator debut, Juana Martinez-Neal opens a treasure box of discover...

Nameless queen —McLaughlin, Rebecca, 1992- author.

In the city of Seriden, the thief called Coin is Nameless -- she has no family, no legal rights, and no standing in society -- but she inherits the throne and the power and danger that come with it.

Nosy Rosie —Keller, Holly.

Rosie the fox's excellent sense of smell is good for finding things, but she stops using it after everyone begins to call her "Nosy Rosie."

Josephina hates her name —Engel, Diana.

After Grandma explains that she named Josephina after her talented, daring older sister, Josephina starts to appreciate her unusual name.

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