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24 Results
How to lose everything : a memoir —Couture, Christa, 1978- author.

"A powerful testament to resilience by performing and recording artist Christa Couture. Christa Couture has come to know every corner of grief--its shifting blurry edges, its traps, its pulse of love at the centre and th...

My mother's daughter : a memoir of struggle and triumph —Felicien, Perdita, 1980- author.

"A raw and affecting memoir about a mother and daughter who beat the odds together. Perdita Felicien's story is woven into her mother's like an intricate braid. To understand Perdita's story, you must know Catherine's. C...

Simple pleasures : stories from my life as an Amish mother —Jantzi, Marianne, author.

The author welcomes readers into her family's daily life and Amish community.

The erratics : a memoir —Laveau-Harvie, Vicki, author.

"In this award-winning memoir, two sisters reckon with the convalescence and death of their outlandishly tyrannical mother and the care of their psychologically terrorized father, all relayed with dark humor and brutal h...

Following the curve of time: the untold story of Capi Blanchet —Converse, Cathy, 1944- author.

"After her husband died in 1926 from a suspected drowning, Capi Blanchet spent every summer cruising BC's west coast with her five children and their dog in the family's 25-foot boat. The Curve of Time is the book Capi w...

Dear Scarlet the story of my postpartum depression —Wong, Teresa, 1976- author.
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"In this intimate and moving graphic memoir, Teresa Wong writes and illustrates the story of her struggle with postpartum depression in the form of a letter to her daughter Scarlet. Equal parts heartbreaking and funny, D...

One day closer : a mother's quest to bring her kidnapped daughter home —Stewart, Lorinda, author.

"On August 23, 2008, Amanda Lindhout, Lorinda Stewart's daughter, is kidnapped outside of Mogadishu in Somalia. The kidnappers' demand is simple: pay $2.5 million or Amanda will be killed. For the next 460 days, Lorinda ...

Nowhere but up : the story of Justin Bieber's mom —Mallette, Pattie.

The mother of pop star Justin Bieber tells her inspiring story--from being a teenage mother to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, from a suicide attempt to her ultimate triumph over her demons.

Not guilty my guide to working hard, raising kids and laughing through the chaos —Travis, Debbie, 1957-
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Debbie Travis, the home decorating icon, launched her career when she had two kids at home under two. She describes the rollercoaster ride of raising two feisty little boys at the same time as working with her husband to...

An alphabet for Joanna : a portrait of my mother in 26 fragments —Rogers, Damian, 1972- author.

"Throughout her life, acclaimed poet Damian Rogers was never given a satisfactory account of the circumstances around her birth. The "truth" behind the stories she was told by her mother--the free-spirited, beautiful and...

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