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27 Results
The moon : earth's neighbor —Jefferis, David, author

Describes the Earth's moon, its relation to the Earth, and the history of lunar exploration.

To the moon and back : my Apollo 11 adventure : a pop-up book —Aldrin, Buzz, author.

"Pop-Up book for kids about the historic Apollo 11 landing, on its 50th anniversary."-- Provided by publisher.

Moon landing —McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez), author, illustrator.

Describes how the U.S. sent astronauts to the moon.

Our moon : new discoveries about Earth's closest companion —Scott, Elaine, 1940- author.

"Full of captivating, kid-friendly information, Our Moon covers everything from the newest theories on how the moon formed, to the recent, startling discovery of water on its surface and the very real possibility of futu...

The moon —Bredeson, Carmen.

Describes what people have believed about the moon and what has been learned over time and presents an overview of the Apollo space program.

Walking on the moon —Shearer, Deborah A.

Describes what it was like for astronauts to walk on the Moon during the Apollo missions.

The moon —Glass, Susan.

Describes the moon and what has been learned over time and presents an overview of the moon.

The first men who went to the moon —Greene, Rhonda Gowler, author.

"Through verse and informational text, the 1969 Apollo 11's historic mission is celebrated, from liftoff to moon landing to successful return to Earth." -- Provided by publisher.

Return to the moon —Jefferis, David.

Explores the history of moon expeditions, future space travel to the Moon, its possible colonization and more.

Do you really want to visit the moon? —Adamson, Thomas K., 1970-

"A child astronaut takes an imaginary trip to the Moon, visits the sites from the Apollo missions, and decides that Earth is a good home after all. Includes solar system diagram, Moon vs. Earth fact chart, and glossary"-...

Moon base : first colony in space —Cole, Michael D.

Describes the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, explains the need for establishing a moon base, and speculates about future situations in which the base would be used.

Project Apollo : the race to land on the Moon —Jefferis, David, author.

"On July 23, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin stepped from their spacecraft onto the alien soil of the Moon--Earth's sister world. Using archival images and explanatory text, this riveting title guides the re...

Daring dozen : the twelve who walked on the moon —Slade, Suzanne, author.

"From Neil Armstrong's first small step to Gene Cernan's last footprint, award-winning author Suzanne Slade captures the experiences of the twelve astronauts who walked on the moon. The book reveals how the Apollo moon m...

Home on the moon : living on a space frontier —Dyson, Marianne J.

Considers the moon as a frontier that has been only partially explored, looking at its history, geography and weather, as well as what people would require to live and work there. Includes activities.

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