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73 Results
Earth's incredible oceans —French, Jess, author.

COMPANION TO: THE BOOK OF BRILLIANT BUGS, ISBN 9781465489821. Enter the world of oceans and the animals that live in them. 'Earth's Incredible Oceans', written by ocean expert Jess French and illustrated by Claire McElfa...

Ocean! : our watery world as you've never seen it before —Harvey, Derek, author.

Using 3-D computer illustrations that present a level of detail you simply can't find elsewhere, this book takes you on a world tour of the waters that cover 70 percent of our planet. You will see the fish, invertebrates...

Ocean worlds —Baines, Francesca.

Looks at the worlds oceans, the plant and animal life they help to support, and efforts to protect these rich, endangered environments.

The ocean disaster —McElligott, Matthew, author.

"Fans of Ada Twist, Scientist will want to join Dr. Cosmic's class of clever monsters as they explore the dark depths of the ocean in the fourth book of the Mad Scientist Academy series. The students in Dr. Cosmic's clas...

Journey under the sea —Pitkin, Linda M.

A magical journey to discover the hidden world beneath the waves.

No excuses! : how what you say can get in your way —Dyer, Wayne W.

A child wants to become a marine biologist but makes excuses why it would be implausible, in a book designed to encourage children not to make excuses and follow their dreams.

Exploring the deep, dark sea —Gibbons, Gail.

Explores the vastly unexplored world beneath the ocean's surface.

What do you see under the sea? —Kalman, Bobbie.

A trip under the sea brings the reader in contact with many forms of life found there, including a barracuda, sea cucumber, and sea star.

Come to the ocean's edge : a nature cycle book —Pringle, Laurence P.

An introduction to coastal life at the ocean and how creatures living in and near the water behave.

Uncle John's under the slimy sea bathroom reader for kids only

Read about gross stuff, origins of everyday things, incredible inventions, dumb crooks, science facts and more.

Ocean —MacQuitty, Miranda.

Text and illustrations provide information on oceans and the behaviour and physical characteristics of ocean creatures.

Oceans —McMillan, Beverly.

A multi-dimensional showcase of the aquatic universe! Take a look inside the formation of waves and tsunamis, see a cross-section of an underwater living lab, and explore the plant and animal species that live miles bene...

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