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16 Results
The hobbit & The lord of the rings film music collection —Shore, Howard, compser.

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful film this release brings together for the very first time, music from all three Lord Of The Rings films alongside the three Hobbit films in a two CD set performed by Th...

The Lord of the rings official movie guide —Sibley, Brian.

This behind-the-scenes guide includes photos of the cast, locations, sets, monsters and costumes, and interviews with Peter Jackson and the cast. It features an overview of the conception, design and filming of the trilo...

Beyond the movie The lord of the ring, the fellowship of the ring

Explores the thought-provoking questions for viewers who want to go beyond the richly fanciful film to the world that started it all. Includes scenes from the movie, documentary footage, interviews with filmmakers and be...

The lord of the rings. Aragorn's quest

Take on the role of Aragorn and embark on a new Lord of the Rings adventure.

There and back again : an actor's tale —Astin, Sean.

Behind the scenes on the Lord of the rings.

The lord of the rings. Conquest
Xbox 360
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Play through all of the battles from the films and fight through an all-new story in the Evil campaign. Weild a sword, shoot a bow, use stealth, or conjure magic. Take control of Trolls, Oliphaunts, horses, catapults, he...