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7 Results
The big idea science book : the incredible concepts that show how science works in the world

A comprehensive guide to understanding various science-related topics that provide hands-on, interactive learning.

The big idea science book

Take science to a whole new level! Created in partnership with Prentice Hall, The Big Idea Science Book is a comprehensive guide to key topics in science falling into four major strands (Living Things, Earth Science, Che...

That's life! : looking for the living things all around you —Barfield, Mike, author.

Life is everywhere on planet Earth. Jungles, deserts, seas, plains, fields and forests- all of them teem with life but, amazingly, you can also find lots of living things hidden in your home, and even hidden inside you! ...

Where do we look for life? —Hunter, Dru

A narration of the origins, advancements, and future of the life sciences, including botany and zoology, and the ways in which scientists utilize the scientific method to explore questions.

Life science quick starts —Raham, Gary, author.

Life science quick starts for fourth to ninth grades provides quick start activities that exercise skills in observation, reading, critical thinking, research, manipulation, and math, with questions that can be answered ...