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Ride a savage land —McDougall, Ian (Western fiction writer), author.
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"Returning from the carnage of war, Will Raith struggles to settle back into ranch life. When a summons to ride to Laramie arises, Raith needs little persuasion to accept the mission, helping free the lands opening up in...

The raiders : sons of Texas —Kelton, Elmer.

Ten years after arriving in Texas, brothers Michael and Andrew Lewis have each been assigned a plot of land by the Mexican government and have to fight not only Mexican authorities and hostile Indians, but their own kind...

Elmet —Mozley, Fiona, author.

"Daniel is heading north. He is looking for someone. The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned sour and fearful. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them with his bare hands. They fo...

Track the man down —Hogan, Ray, 1908-1998.
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Ben Dunn planned to settle his land dispute with Isaac Pope man to man, out in the open. Then maybe he could win himself some quiet at the foot of Comanche Mountain. But he didn't count on being herded into a corner by a...

War on the Cimarron —Short, Luke, 1908-1975.
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Frank Christian is determined to get back what was rightfully his after his friend and partner is murdered and his land stolen from under him.

That old ace in the hole : a novel —Proulx, Annie.

A sweeping story set in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. A young man sent to the Texas town of Woolybucket to find land for a commercial hog farm encounters more than he bargained for.

The widow's tale —Frazer, Margaret.

Grieving over the death of her husband and falling prey to the machinations of her spouse's greedy relatives, widow Cristiana Helyngton enlists the aid of Dame Frevisse of St. Frideswide's nunnery to help her save hersel...

Son of a fast gun —Giles, Hascal.
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"The Jessups were tough and prideful men -- full of sand and true grit. In his younger days, Jericho John Jessup was a gunfighting legend, and the gift of the fast draw was passed down to his son, Ed. Still, the Jessup...

Oregon trunk —Overholser, Wayne D., 1906-1996, author.
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Moving across the country like two great claws, rails of shining steel carved their way into the heart of Oregon's vast frontier. And there the rail lines could go no further, for the land did not belong to the giant emp...

The pillagers —Von Kreisler, Max.

Chippewa Chief Bog-o-nay-ge-shig, complained to Washington that his people were being cheated out of their timberland. Craig Morgan finds himself caught between a ruthless local pine baron, a self-serving Indian agent an...

Fool's gold —Larssen, Brent, author.
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Bill Tucker has spent most of his life being pushed around. When he moves out to Wyoming and buys his own patch of ground, he is determined not to be seen as a small man anymore. But when he discovers gold on his new acr...

Blood memory —Coel, Margaret, 1937-

Catherine McLeod is an investigative reporter for the "Journal," one of Denver's major newspapers. Her recent coverage of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes filing a claim for twenty-seven million acres of their ancestral l...

Four souls —Erdrich, Louise.

Journeying to Minneapolis, where she plans to avenge the loss of her family's land to a deceptive, wealthy white man, a young Native American woman finds herself entangled within a complex relationship.

Highland mercies : a novel —Parker, Gary E.

"In this suspenseful sequel to 'Highland Hopes', Abigail Porter Waterbury faces the challenges of motherhood in the midst of the Depression while reeling from the economic adversity that has brought her husband's law pra...

Oklahoma! —Ross, Dana Fuller.
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A ruthless group of men are doing everything possible to declare war in the Oklahoma Territory and it will take all of Toby Holt's energy to quell the warring factions.

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