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19 Results
War brothers —McKay, Sharon E.

Jacob and Oteka find themselves in the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and must try to survive.

Show me a sign —LeZotte, Ann Clare, author.

It is 1805 and Mary Lambert has always felt safe among the deaf community of Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard where practically everyone communicates in a shared sign language, but recent events have shattered her life; her...

Lady midnight —Clare, Cassandra, author.

It's been five years since the events of City of Heavenly Fire that brought the Shadowhunters to the brink of oblivion. Emma Carstairs is no longer a child in mourning, but a young woman bent on discovering what killed h...

Stolen child —Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk.

Nadia arrives in Canada after the end of World War II, from the displaced person's camp where she has spent the last five years. But troubling memories and dreams begin to haunt her. Who is she really? She sees image...

Final crossing —Rodman, Sean, 1972- author.

Will and Big O are brothers and best friends--and small-time crooks. Ever since their dad went to prison, they've been stealing to survive. On a ferry ride from the big city, they hatch a plan for one more score: they'll...

The long weekend —Kalhan, Savita.

When Sam and his friend Lloyd accept a ride home, they end up in a dark mansion in the middle of nowhere with a man who means to harm them.

Hold fast —Balliett, Blue, 1955-

On a cold winter day in Chicago, Early's father disappeared, and now she, her mother and her brother have been forced to flee their apartment and join the ranks of the homeless--and it is up to Early to hold her family t...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over the moon —Cottrell Boyce, Frank.

When Big Ben takes off like a rocket after the World Cup, it takes a visit to the moon and the help of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's previous owners, the Pott family, to save Chitty and Little Harry.

Hold fast —Balliett, Blue, 1955-
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Where is Early's father? He's not the kind of father who you think would disappear. But he's gone. And he's left a whole lot of trouble behind.

Curse of the Dream Witch —Stratton, Allan, author.

It is the age of the Great Dread. The Dream Witch wants the heart of Princess Olivia. Until she has it none of the kingdom's children are safe. Olivia's parents seek help from the Prince Leo of Pretonia and his uncle, th...

Shackled —Leveen, Tom.

"When Pelly sees her best friend, who disappeared six years ago, in a coffee shop with a strange man, she's determined to discover the truth of her friend's disappearance and rescue her from her current captor"--Provided...

Like a river glorious —Carson, Rae, author.

Having arrived in California, Lee Westfall's magical power is growing and changing every day and may be enough, with help from her true friends, to stop her villainous Uncle Hiram when he kidnaps her and sends her deep i...

Barbie. Barbie as the princess and the pauper
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When Princess Anneliese is kidnapped, pauper Erika, who happens to look like her, must take her place. The princess's time in confinement and Erika's stint as princess give them both a new perspective on their own lives ...

The Three Furies —Kingsley, Kaza.

Twelve-year-old Erec Rex must meet the terrifying Nightmare King as he struggles to save his best friend Bethany from the evil Baskania.

Emily's enchanting eyes —Haduik, Sharon.

What happens to Emily, the King and Queen's youngest daughter, when she is taken by Jazaar, the most fierce and ruthless dragon in all of the kingdom? How can one little princess make her way back home again?

Oliver Twist —Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.

With Oliver Twist, Dickens wanted to show clearly the nature of good and evil and the 'principle of good surviving through every adverse circumstance, and triumphing at last'. Rife with Dickens's disturbing descriptions ...

Hideout —Varley, Dax, author.

When his mother disappears one night, her room awash in blood, and marked by footprints that do not belong to any human or animal, Max is determined to find and rescue her, even if it means killing every demon on Earth.

War brothers —McKay, Sharon E.
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Uganda. Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) abducts children from their villages and homes for use as soldiers and slaves. In these nightmarish times, the fates of 5 boys and a girl are entwined. Captured from the...