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Do you really want to visit Jupiter? —Heos, Bridget.

"A child astronaut takes an imaginary trip to Jupiter, learns about the harsh conditions on the biggest planet, and decides that Earth is a good home after all. Includes solar system diagram, Jupiter vs. Earth fact chart...

Jupiter —Margaret, Amy.

Describes the history, unique features, and exploration of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun.

Mr. Kazarian, alien librarian —Foxe, Steve, author.
Graphic Novel
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Mr. Kazarian, the school librarian, is actually an extraterrestrial (with a holographic disguise) studying the behavior of human children, and if he wants to continue his research he will have to find a way to convince t...

Let's explore Jupiter —Orme, Helen.

Let's Explore Jupiter investigates the latest discoveries about Jupiter, its windy storms, and the possibility of drilling for water on its moon Europa.

Discover Jupiter —Goldstein, Margaret J., author.

"From its history to its future, learn all about Jupiter, what it looks like, and how scientists study this huge planet."-- Provided by publisher.

The universe. The complete season one. Disc 1

Tour the surface of Earth's life-giving star. Mars may be the future of humanity - uses data collected from probes and robotic rovers. Scars on the planet's surface and in its fossil record illustrate the threat posed by...

Jupiter —Arnold, Quinn M., author.

A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Jupiter, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its rings, Great Red Spot, and name.

Jupiter —Goss, Tim, 1958-

Discusses the location and physical characteristics of the planet Jupiter, as well as space probes that have been sent to the planet.

Explore Jupiter —Milroy, Liz, author.

"Find out what makes Jupiter different from other planets in this scientific exploration. Readers will learn about the planet's weather, moons, space missions, and more"-- Provided by publisher.

Jupiter —Vogt, Gregory.

Presents information about the largest planet in our solar system and its moons.

Jupiter —Simon, Seymour.

Describes the characteristics of the planet Jupiter and its moons as revealed by photographs sent back by two unmanned Voyager spaceships which took one-and-one half years to reach this distant giant.

Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the Jurassic jackrabbits from Jupiter —Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author.

General Jackrabbit and his Robo-Rabbits from Jupiter attempt to take over the world on Ricky Ricotta's birthday.

Jupiter —McDonald, Mary Ann.

Describes the location, movements, surface, and moons of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter —Landau, Elaine.

Uses photographs and other recent findings to describe the atmosphere and geographic features of Jupiter.

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